Read a good Sri Lankan blog post lately?

If you have, please do nominate it for the Top 100 Sri Lankan blog posts book project. Its at 97 nominations at the moment and you could make a tiny bit of history by nominating the 100th nomination. Remember:

  1. You can’t nominate anything YOU wrote please
  2. Please DO add a few words on why you think the post deserves to be included in the T100SLBPBP.
  3. The nominated post CANNOT be supportive of cannibalism (not even vaguely)

Feel free to use the comment box in this post or on the T100SLBPBP page.


4 thoughts on “Read a good Sri Lankan blog post lately?

  1. Cerno, I would like to suggest some interesting posts I read in the past few days:

    1) Harumi’s very interesting and exciting “Saturday Special”, parts 1 and 2 and the upcoming part 3:

    2) Dee’s breakneck drive to a wedding, documented at

    3) 2 of Makuluwo’s hilarious posts, and

    4) Water Cooler by Mr. Chaarmax himself!

    5) David’s fascinating interview with a fascinating gentlemen

    6) T’s amazing, and rather breathtaking piece:

    7) The Puppeteer taking matters into her own hands with a Mission Impossible style rescue mission in

    8 ) Gyppo’s excellent letter to chauvinists

    9) Delilah’s brilliant piece about falling in love with a dreamer

    10) and brilliant little Nethmi and parents dealing with teaching their kids about Death

    Thank you, and hope these meet your required quality standards! 🙂

    – A blogger who wishes to remain unknown…


  2. gutterflower & Anonymous Sorry about that – your nominations did get stuck in the spam filter but i fished them out 😀 The spam filter tends to get paranoid about comments with URLs but your nominations we not in vain,. Quite a lot too – so will take a while for me to put them up.


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