Bulgarian Apricot preserve (post written under pressure from the voices in my head in the hope that there will not be another take over)

As part of an industrial agreement with the voices in my head I agreed to write a post on Bulgarian Apricot preserve. Here it is. I have to confess that researching this one was a pain. Its hard to find info on Apricot preserve made in Bulgaria. Even a search on http://www.google.bg wasn’t a big help.

Preserving fruit for winter is an ancient european tradition. The Bulgarians are no exception and they seem to make a variety of jams and preserves. Its just that Apricots doesn’t seem to be among them. However there seems to be a concerted effort made to grow apricots in Bulgaria. I wish them luck.

I did find a website of a Bulgarian company that carries on this tradition into the 21st by selling its fruit preserve on the internet. But lost the URL 😦 Inexcusable yes, and I’m sure my gruel rations will be halved.

I havn’t had the chance to sample the exotic delights of Bulgarian Apricot preserve. I am doubtful that preserved fruit from Bulgaria ever makes it to Sri Lanka. Though the flow of international trade has currents that are not obvious. As a long standing appreciator of apricots and other fruits, I can only assume that it must be delicious.

I think I’m off the hook now and “normal” neural activity might resume (assuming there ever was such a thing). At least the voice are happy and are  singing “Danno Budunge” to the accompaniment of a Ukulele as I type.


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