Coffee table ideas

I have plenty of ideological reasons for refusing to purchase or possessing a coffee table. That doesn’t prevent me from having a few confronting designs for the kind of coffee table I wouldn’t mind having. The more distinctive a piece of furniture gets, it becomes a conversation trigger. Or at the very least provokes polite enquiry. It usually means that the piece either has a history or makes a loud statement about its owner. Usually how and why it got there.

  • The simplest is one of those large wooden electrical cable stools. Properly cleaned, varnished and polished with organic bees’ wax.
  • Tire from a B52 encased in clear Plexiglas
  • Sticking to the circular theme but of a more vernacular type: a wooden wheel of a block cart or Thirikale.
  • Doors make good table — in this case nicely weathered door from a crumbling old colonial era house (properly roofed against termites and topped with strong glass for a smooth surface). Old chair legs or carved wooden banisters from the same like of house will do nicely as legs.
  • Wing from a Zlin – I’m sure there’s at least one at Katu AFB

That’s about all the brain could kick up for now. Leave your ideas in the comment box below.


4 thoughts on “Coffee table ideas

  1. I think you should construct a coffee table entirely out of old coffee table books. Then you could invent a new chicken/egg phrase using coffee tables, coffee table books and coffee table book coffee tables.

    I would like the credit for the idea though please Cerno.


  2. Old carved ceiling. Coffee beans held in plexi glass top. CTB bus grill.well polished. These are my ideas
    The best actual one I have seen is a plexi glass filled with sea sand , shells and stones (Collected from all the places they have travelled)


  3. RD Coffee table made of coffee table books: A stunner of an idea 🙂 and you trumped old Kramer too

    Harsha Yes 😀 though its not a coffee Table

    JP Those are good ones!. POLISHED CTB bus grill – if its made into a coffee table it will be the only polished bus grill in the country 😮 The one of the sand/sea shells sounds particularly good if you got a Bawaesque house or a planter’s chair in your apartment 😉


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