New theme imminent

Gut feeling is saying its time to change the visual theme of this blog. The Association of Voices In My Head has already circulated a turquoise paper AND a beige paper on the subject.

I’ve had this customised version of a usually blue Garland theme for over two years. I like it a lot because is has:

  • No distracting colours or graphics.
  • Lots of room for widget mania.
  • Most importantly an ability to change the colour scheming without mucking about with code.

However all things are transient. I feel that the change will occur sooner than later. I have been looking at a predominantly white minimalist 2 column theme. I’m willing to concede that without a some kind o graphical header the blog does look rather bleak.

After much behind the scenes experimentation I have decided on a free theme that I’m quite happy with.

Of course don’t expect much change in terms of the content which is glacial at best. It can be summed up clumsily as “different look, variation of the same shit”.


5 thoughts on “New theme imminent

  1. going from a 3-column one to a 2-column one is going to be a bit tough, with all the widgets… I really do wish though that WordPress would add the design flexibility that Blogger has… 🙂


    1. I’m looking at is as a way of ditching extraneous widgets – simplifying things. Not that that many 😉

      Personally I’m satisfied with the free themes on Some themes do have more customisability option than others.


  2. i commented way back when about my personal sense of clutter on the layout of your blog – anyway I think a 2 column blog would be a great start…

    good luck on the transition

    idea for a blog for you: have you noticed how detailed google maps is getting about Colombo – the detail is really getting quite accurate compared to about a year ago. also huge difference betweeen google maps on windows mobile and the iphone…


  3. maf: Think I remember now 😳 Things will be rectified sooner than later.

    Yes I’ve been noticing the increasing amount of detail on the Colombo area Google Maps. Towns like Galle and Vavuniya are slowly getting quite a bit of details. Same can’t be said for Kilinochchi or Jaffna. But I think those places will eventually get on the map 🙂 D you use Google Earth much? or is it mainly Google maps?

    sam: Thank you for reenforcing that 🙂 I want to make the theme be readable as possible and try to cut down on the visual clutter. Hopefully I won’t stuff it up.

    If I do its easy to change 😉


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