New blog theme after 2 years (Check it out)

I’ve changed the visual theme of my blog after waking up earlier than I need to (and staying up later than I should). It has been over 2 years since I last changed the visual  theme of my blog. I hope it is more readable. The process of picking a theme from the heap of free themes available on wordpress,com was a surprising long drawn out process with a shocking amount of dithering and back end testing. But finally here it is.

The theme is called “Vigilance” by Jestro. I picked it because of its clean look and customisability options (without messing around with code. The online colour scheme generator was used to tweak the link colours. The widget options of this theme also lets me keep the widgets that were cluttering my old theme tucked away and give prominence to the blog posts. The theme does allow for a banner/header image but I decided not to have one in the name of minimalism 🙂

Of course I suppose there will have to be endless tweaking ahead. Your feedback is greatly appreciated 🙂

I have no gripes about the theme I have used in the last 2 years. It was time for a change – the only inevitable constant.

Cerno with the old Garland wordpress theme

14 thoughts on “New blog theme after 2 years (Check it out)

  1. oooh layout suggestions! 😀 I liiiiike…

    first of all lovely theme! 😀

    and 2nd the left hand navigation seems to break into 2 columns and one of the columns has your blogroll as well as your stats and RSS feed… would look more balanced if the stats +RSS were put into the other column no? 😉

    just my $0.02 🙂


  2. Chavie: Thank you 🙂 Think your $0.02 (0r Rs 2.30). That’s a valit point. The Vigilance theme has an option to split the side bar in to left and right cols (below the full width section at the to). But I see what you mean in that it looks unbalances. To I put everything into 1 col. Looks simpler.

    Thank you for pointing that out.

    Kiri: Thank you 😀 I didn’t want to put bandwidth hogging banner image on top. So I left it blank. I prefer to have a bit of refreshing bit of white space inside. I would have reduced the height if the theme let me. I might fiddle with putting a changing image later down the line.


    1. Untidy 😮 ??? maybe because it looks too empty? Would like to find out more on that – specially since I consider you an expert on blog related matters 🙂

      Personally I wish I could reduce the height of the header but that would mean shelling out $$$ which I don”t feel is worth while for a blog like this. I initially thought of using the The Journalist v1.9″ by Lucian E. Marin but it seemed to have a problem displaying the slogan on the header – made the layout look “broken”. Could be my fault since that line of text is quite long.

      I’m not a fan of having a header image that add to the load time of the blog. After-all people who bother to read this would do so for the text. If I had the option I would have tried something minimal like Room 34 or Gray Lines or Infimum.

      All of which are minimal, text only themes. Readability is a big factor but I confess I do have a oddly strong preference for minimalist themes with white backgrounds and crisp black text.

      having said all that I’d still want to know your opinion about the header area.


  3. I like it a lot Cerno, your blog has always been one of the ones that look different, in a positive way, to the norm.

    I was going to say that I thought the calender thing was a bit pointless, then looked at it and realised that each date tells the title of a post if published on the day, which I love.

    So all in all, I say about 9 out of 10.


    1. Thank you 😀 Glad you liked the new layout. It is nice to know that the calendar thing is of use. I’ve occasionally wondered if it was of any use but one of the voices in my head (the one in the ski mask) insisted I keep it 😐


  4. very nice, easy to read and navigate and clean. very good choice. I really like how the comments are also much more readable..

    good work sir


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