Remote War

It rages on defying governments, terrorists, and futile peace negotiations. Pitting friends and family against each other in primordial struggles for dominance and the control of world view. Yet hardly anyone talks about it. Well, it is time for that denial to end.

Lets all admit it-controlling the remote is a deeply ingrained psychological itch. It lets you craft your view of the world. See and hear what YOU want to hear. Not some dull show that people say is good for you and tastes like bland vegetables (note I am a vegetarian).

Thankfully of course, on the couch at chez Cerno, things are a lot more low key. The firing is sporadic-almost accidental. I can’t be held responsible for the law of physics that cause the remote to casually tumble into the cushions just beyond spousal unit’s reach. The remote ends up in my pocket so that I don’t accidently misplace it – not because I’m trying to deprive Mrs C of access to its powers (or make some anti-feminist statement about female franchise). Honest.

Thankfully spousal unit is quite sweet and keeps things diplomatic without lobbing the mustard gas (as it is frequently done at my parents’). Complex subliminal diplomatic talks have resulted in ensuring that the channel doesn’t change when the most holy name of Roger Federer is uttered by the television. The ensuing pok, pok, pok, (shout), pok (roar) used to be eternal but now I’m comfy with it. We naturally hit the mute button when the commercials come on.

Peace requires patience, openness to new things and a placid mind. The fact is that very little on television is worth watching helps. But it gives a good reason to slump together on the couch after yet another day unbending toil in the harsh light of the screens. Lately I have been buried in a book which make the demon box even more irrelevant.

Amidst all this, the smoke of the mosquito coil will serenely ascend upwards and slowly twirl like a flow of profound thoughts. Which as you may have realised, this post utterly lacks.

How goes the battles of YOUR remote war? What ever the case I wish you peace.


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