11 Days 4 posts 6 questions

Its been an exhausting week. Most evenings spent slumped before the flickering stupidity of the TV after a day of toil in the digital fields too tired to move. Mysteriously I don’t know why. Momentous moments have erupted unexpectedly, then faded. Detouring the commute home into the night interspersed by the glare of sodium light. The number of cheap takeout dinners picked along the way has exceeded the weekly average. We collapse into bed far earlier yet wake up feeling we haven’t slept at all.

Amidst all this some odd questions have been asked by the voices. Of course I have no answers. Perhaps you do

  1. What is the best Geiger counter for home use?
  2. Is it cheaper to build your own Geiger counter?
  3. Had to check about Napoleon’s invasion of Russia and found out that 4 days, it will be the 197th anniversary of Napoleon’s capture of Moscow in 1812. Why ?
  4. Still have a strong urge to experiment with infrared/non visual spectrum photography despite the total lack of knowledge, equipment and time. Would love to photograph the halos of radiation around cellphone towers if possible
  5. Coffee in the afternoon left me gasping in pleasure (of course I’m not an addict).
  6. Why must I investigate methods for maintaining a tall mohawk hair cut in a humid climate?

At least I have found an example of Bulgarian apricot preserve (made by a Bulgarian company called Cima 99 Ltd).

No doubt you will file this under “Cerno’s gone bonkers again”. Vut Tu Du….


4 thoughts on “11 Days 4 posts 6 questions

  1. So what’s the link:
    3 of the 6 pertain to radiation..
    the “empty” fall of Moscow
    coffee in the afternoon
    maintaining tall hair

    I’d say ozone depletion


    1. He did capture the city which had been abandoned by the Russian government for a day. The city was stripped of supplies and then it burnt down the same night which deprived the French of shelter. He packed up and left in October of that (to paraphrase the Wikipedia article)


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