Flower ball

Its not the latest game in town. The goes for macro photography. Yet its a wonderful way to open up new vistas without having to head to the mountains like certain lucky characters. I have of course no problems finding models such as the ones below. A counter point to 9/11 perhaps?

Flower ball


7 thoughts on “Flower ball

  1. Sigma: Thank you 😀 Not too difficult to do if you got a telephoto lens with a macro capability. I just trot up to the plant with lens at full telephoto and focus with the macro. You just have compose the frame to your preferences – essentially decide what parts you want to keep in focus.

    Angel: Is that the name of this flower? I never was the horticultural type 🙂

    Chavie: Thank you 🙂


  2. Well, the flower belongs to the genus Ixora, I’m a bit waffly about the species since it has been a good 10 years since I opened a book on Botany. “Pushpa manjariya” is the sinhalese-botanical-ish term for “bunch (cluster) of flowers”. I’ve always liked that term because it always had vivid imagery associated with it… like your pic!


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