Sri Lankan blogger’s 1000th rhythmic post

My spies (they ARE everywhere) inform me that a well known Sri Lankan blogger on a cold wet island off Europe will/has hit the 1000 post mark after a mere 3+ years of blogging (having pumped out a prolific 200+ posts annually). According to my analysts, he beats the drums at a similarly frantic pace. … Continue reading Sri Lankan blogger’s 1000th rhythmic post


First 200000 hits

According to the stats, my blog passed the 200000 visitor mark some time yesterday. I guess I can safely bet that all the hits can't all be from me. Interestingly its just over a year ago since I made the six digit mark. Far cry from timid days of my first blog post. This sort … Continue reading First 200000 hits

Source of good book recommendations

I have never been disappointed by a book reviewed by The Economist magazine. Now I find myself turning to the books and arts section when I get each week's edition. It is a weekly map to buried treasures. My first spectacular find (many years ago) was Michela Wrong's book about Mobutu Sese Seko's Zaire In … Continue reading Source of good book recommendations

Profound photograph with 3 Wheeler

Found this black and white photo of a 3 wheeler on Flickr. There's something endlessly symbolic about. In one sense the picture has a circular feeling of being both fatalistic and hopeful - without sticking to any other. Add to that is a sense of endings and new beginnings. Perhaps I'm reading too much into … Continue reading Profound photograph with 3 Wheeler

How did you find this blog?

Google searches and links from other blogs now count for more visits to my blog than the traditional source: A trend that's been consistent since the war ended. I'm curious about how new commenters on this blog found it. If you found this blog via a source other than please let me know … Continue reading How did you find this blog?

Ex long haired man’s path to a hair cut

I cut off my long hair (described in the previous post) for two reasons: It was life draining to maintain. I felt it symbolised many things I did not want to be associated with. The first point comes down to the fact the male hair is thicker, coarser and harder to control. I wasn't in … Continue reading Ex long haired man’s path to a hair cut

Long haired days (a short tail)

I once had waist length hair. Along with it, sacks of cheap colourful hair bands that broke only at inconvenient moments and got misplaced at an alarming rate. This was of course a long long time ago on a continent far far away. During that wide eyed bout of naivety on the anvil called undergraduate … Continue reading Long haired days (a short tail)