Where do you lunch?

Usually at my desk. Where I savour the delights so lovingly cooked and packed for me by spousal unit. I prefer to eat and work. Otherwise returning to the keyboard after a rice and curry in the afternoon is a powerful anaesthetic. I could easily pass out with my face in the keys and be robbed of my liver and I wouldn’t even know. No amount of coffee or condensed milk flavoured with tea can save me.

Mrs C takes a dim view of slumming it for lunch. The lack of hygiene, unhealthy food the grease, the oil, the fried etc etc. I’m too young to talk about a “heart condition” but old enough to lay the foundations for one.Β I’ll risk being called a snob/wimp and stick to a working lunch. It means I get my shit done and out the door for the long long commute to the nest. Better than trying to catch up due to a snooze inducing lunch.

Of course there are many out there who lunch away from the desk. It is a social ritual. Perhaps even the social highlight of the day. A place to incrementally massage the tangle of the Sri lankan social network web. Yet another battle field for the politics of work or perhaps a chance to inject adventure into the drudgery of daily toil. Who feeds with who dictates the pecking order.

Tell me about where you lunch. Confess. Map in on google. If the place has a website let everyone know. I’m being ambitions enough to think that this will perhaps contribute to the creating the Sri Lankan lunchosphere. You don’t even have to be in Sri Lanka to do your part. Β You know where the comment confession box is by now.


22 thoughts on “Where do you lunch?

  1. office cooked lunches which are, believe it or not, delish! kos, del, haal masso, mushroom, pineapple curry, amberella curry, dynamite chicken, yummy parippu, karavala – some of the offerings. it’s all served on to the table on the back varendah buffet style and everyone eats together. lunch is loudest hour at work invariably. today i saw cake for dessert. huzzah! πŸ˜€


    1. You should be killed for;
      1. having the good fortune to have such an awesome lunch everyday.
      2. coming here and telling about it all when people like us are trying our best to keep our minds off such food.



  2. I lunch at my desk. My body is there at least, nibbling on a Tesco sandwich. My mind is usually several thousand miles away as I read blogs and dream of a little island I know.

    I’d also like to apply for the job mentioned by T.


  3. Lunch at desk, spilling on the keyboard if i don have time to hit the lunch room or i have other things to do later in the evening tht i have to excuse myself from office πŸ˜€


  4. purplesocksismine: I’m sure it is – but not when its compared to Mrs C’s πŸ™‚

    So I’m not alone in this πŸ˜€

    pissup: You are not making this up are you? 😯 πŸ˜‰

    GF & T: I’m interested to know to

    RD: I think I’m past toiling for food

    ~ lo$t $oul ~: Nothing adds character to a keyboard like curry stains πŸ˜‰ My home computer rodent still bears scars of pasta sauce stains from my student days…

    : sounds rushed 😐 Hope you get a chance to enjoy your chow..


  5. Why do you obsess about food !!!! It is pure torture for those of us who live out of the “land of curry” to read such beautiful descriptions of what we miss most. This is the second time you’ve had a food post.
    There is a botanical garden near where I work. That is my bolt hole. Usually one of those disgusting cereal bars, yogurt and nuts. But the walk does me good. Lets me know that there is a world out there despite else and sort of enables me to remain sane for the rest of the day.


  6. when not travelling – I eat at home as it is only 500m from work..in singapore we usually eat in our favourite little restaurants in the street where we work – no one here brings food from home and the lunch ritual seems omni-present.

    however about eating at the desk – when i worked for a big comp my very first task was redesigning the head office in Colombo about 9 years back and one of the rules i made was that all tea/lunch must be consumed in the lunch room to encourage people to mix…it was amazing how barriers came down when people in different departments at least shared a table and probably some gossip..


  7. sweetidiot: This clearly proves that lunch is a key social networking institution πŸ™‚

    Anne: Sorry about the torture 😐 Sorry to hear about your curriless exile. Surely there’s bound to be a Sri Lankan/Indian shop/restaurant in the city/country you are in. Where are you btw ? Google map this gronola park πŸ™‚

    Maf: Your idea for making lunch communal is a very good one. I think I must have contributed immeasurably to speeding up processes of getting things done. Sadly I’m very much a remote operator β€” everyone I deal with is on another continent and its all email email email.


  8. In the lunchroom. It’s a loud, noisy, social affair. Company provides us with their version of ‘healthy’ food again at a minimal price, similar to T’s office. All in all, it sure is a much welcome break at midday! I’ve even been guilty of scooting off with the clan at 11.30am for lunch! πŸ˜€


  9. The to be spousal unit is some thousands of miles away, and I’m too lazy to be bothered with the whole cooking+packing thing on my own, thus I don’t have the luxury of home cooked meals for lunch.

    So, one of the many restaurants around the workplace is where my lunch is from. My favorite being a Thai Restaurant.


  10. My workplace has a cafeteria, a bistro, a restaurant and a cafe full of nutritious and salady kind of food. Some philosophy about healthy mind in a healthy body.

    But I pop out at least twice a week to a little food stall for roast pork with hot pepper paste called jaeukdopbab ( it’s just like curry).

    Usually followed by a cycle ride around the block smoking couple of ciggies.

    Like me dad says, you can lead a horse to the water but can’t make it drink


  11. Gallicissa: You still have the best distractions than anyone in the kottusphere ;)But what do you eat when you go “birding”? Not some sort of Gallus gallus ? πŸ˜‰

    Cadence: 11.30am! what a scandal! That’s practically brunch.

    Sach: Thai – an interesting choice. I guess some sinus clearing Tom Yum helps you through the day?

    Harsha: cycle ride around the block smoking couple of ciggies!!! That’s stretching the lunch hour in to plurals!


  12. They don’t usually have Tom Yum for their weekdays’ lunch menu, but there is this Green Curry which I have taken a special liking to. Mostly because it is made using a bit of coconut milk as well, I think, giving it a bit of a Sri Lankan flavor. Green Curry is actually a chicken curry, by the way.


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