Lobotomy days

Crawled home after toil. Fed. Slumped on couch in front of the tele. Feels like the tide of commitments are rising above my nostrils. Vut tu du no? Some weeks just feel like that. Thankfully Mrs C makes great parripu. Thankfully life is littered with small blessings no matter how worn out and TV lobotomised you are. No?

That was yesterday. Its still wednessday. This week is crawling.


3 thoughts on “Lobotomy days

  1. It is indeed. Ditched the gym and headed home today. Just couldn’t take 2 hrs of slogging :S and mum had made parippu too!


  2. Presentation day. By 10:00pm I have had enough of human voices. There HAS to be a better way of communicating than talking !!!!!! People have lost the art of conversation, I tell you. Mrs. C sounds an excellent cook. A night to go skating in the car parks but it was 4 outside. Opened another fish tin and crackers.


  3. Cadence & Anne Seem iI’m not the only one in thinking that parripu is the new comfort food ? 😉

    As for the art of conversation, I think its alive but certainly not at presentations or any other “formal” interaction.


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