Long haired days (a short tail)

I once had waist length hair. Along with it, sacks of cheap colourful hair bands that broke only at inconvenient moments and got misplaced at an alarming rate. This was of course a long long time ago on a continent far far away. During that wide eyed bout of naivety on the anvil called undergraduate life. Before the hammer first blows of reality made me marginally less dim.

My mother was appalled. “People will think he is a band master” is one of her more memorable grumbles to my father. On visits to the island I would tuck my ponytail under my shirt collar. At weddings no one seemed to notice. My father was tolerant if not supportive. He made a mission to ensure that I managed my hair properly and helpfully sent regular supplies of coconut oil. These froze to bricks in winter weather.

After 3 years of long hair I walked into a barber shop and asked for all the long hair to be chopped off. I didn’t want it in a bag. I walked out a freed slave and never looked back at my “tresses” being swept off the floor. A good thing because many years later the Mrs told me that she found men with long hair repulsive (there is a facial expression she makes when long haired men are discussed that is impossible to describe). She refuses to look at pictures from my long haired days.

Why such a change of heart from long to short hair? That’s in the next post.


11 thoughts on “Long haired days (a short tail)

  1. Moi for one completely agree with Mrs. C. She obviously has taste.

    Men with long hair are like gold fish with poop hanging from them.

    I know, repulsive. Apologies but that is the best analogy.

    This is “mainstream” thinking but for the last decade that the People magazine’s pick of the sexiest man alive, were men with nice short hair, Hugh Jackman (drool ) , Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and Denzil W all had short hair !!!!!!

    Come to think of it I think since 1985 the only guy who got picked and had long hair may have been Johnny Depp.

    Short crops look good on men.

    Ok , I think that is my exit line, gold fish and the People magazine ? not quite the crowd who frequent here, is my guess.


  2. My hair is one thing that I perhaps don’t like. It’s so messy and when cut short it sticks like those “pol kooru”, when grown a total mess. Still I like it grown a bit – not waist length of course, but long-ish.


  3. I think we as a religious nation, don’t like men with long hair anymore. According to the bible men with long hair go to hell and I believe hell is somewhere like an immigration office or a hot day. Not all together a good place to be. Just like woman use to like sport cars before and green cars now, their taste in men change according to time.

    I had a long hair once. And length of the hair seems to be the favorite adjective of my friends, relatives or anyone just passed me by. I had to cut it off once I stayed in one of the world famous ghettos, south Bronx, where I found most difficulty finding a barber who know how to use scissors. They only use one of those small tractor thingi.. u know what i’m talking about. I don’t think I will have long hair again, if all Mightily want me to have short hair, I’m not going to upset my village monk, I will have short hair.


  4. Anne: gold fish and the People magazine ?? πŸ˜† two things I have very little to do with…

    Sach: I think I got the exact opposite. When my hair grows to a certain length its a battle to keep it from going crazy

    Chavie: Don’t tell me you are one of that “gelled” crowd πŸ˜‰

    sam: And to think all the ancients had long hair – tied up in bundles too.


  5. Chavie: relieved to hear that πŸ™‚

    Kirigalpoththa: I guess that would be helpful when trekking through the jungle πŸ™‚

    thekillromeoproject: I guess the you don’t have to worry about bad hair days πŸ™‚


  6. Just cut my hair short for the first time in years. Haven’t had it this short since I was about 9! I love it, it’s so freeing and it’s just what I needed. Of course, there are those who aren’t at all happy – my hair’s one of my best features. Still, I love it and that’s enough πŸ™‚ And hopefully most have been pleasantly surprised by my new look. Lol. This was a very timely post – I’ve just been thinking about what a different a good haircut can make!


    1. When women cut their hair short there’s usually a bigger stir. I’ve seen quite a few have to explain themselves πŸ™‚ The key thing though it that YOU are happy with the new look πŸ˜€


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