Sri Lankan blogger’s 1000th rhythmic post

My spies (they ARE everywhere) inform me that a well known Sri Lankan blogger on a cold wet island off Europe will/has hit the 1000 post mark after a mere 3+ years of blogging (having pumped out a prolific 200+ posts annually). According to my analysts, he beats the drums at a similarly frantic pace. They have had to replace the hidden mikes in the drum kit repeatedly. It is a pace most of use lesser blogger can dream of acquiring.

I have been getting a generous amount of traffic off the guy’s blogroll. This little public service announcement is the least I can do.

I’ll avoid a sycophantic ramble about how his rhythmicness has made a mark on the Sri Lankan blogosphere (Lankonsphere) . The scope, the variety, and the history are a sprawl of Siberian proportions. Covering it all is harder than playing the collected works of Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky (in reverse) on a Rabana. You are better off reading it all on the man’s own blog.

My spies will be carrying out a global upgrade of hidden cameras (HD with stereo sound) and wish to apologise in advance for the imminent intrusions.



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