First 1000 days of blogging

1000 days have passed since I posted my first blog post – thanks to the day counter for the data. I know there’s been a slew of “anniversary” posts lately and I sound like a pathetic blogger boasting for affirmation.

I don’t mind if this comes across as boasting. I don’t see yet another chronological number “anniversary” as an achievement. Just an public acknowledgement of the passing of time in the course of an activity. An activity that is one of the few “creative” things I have been able to maintain consistently.

I blame this charade of persistence on the ideas that sprout somewhere amongst my nuttier neurones. Writing blog posts is simply a way of emptying the head. It has reached the regularity of a satisfying bodily function. Now a thousand days have passed since it began. That is all.


8 thoughts on “First 1000 days of blogging

  1. Thank you guys 🙂 Just noting the passing of time – no particular achievements here 🙂

    RD: You’re up for something millennial as well 🙂

    DD: Bearly got time to spit out a blog post 🙂 but nono sounds like an interesting twist. Thank you form the suggestion 🙂


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