People’s Republic of Dehiwala

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People’s Republic of Dehiwala is a microstate located in western and southern Sri Lanka. The country is divided into eleven districts. Two are located in Dehiwala south: Northern South Dehiwala and Southern South Dehiwala. [Map in SVG format need]. The 83% of the country covers the southern suburbs of the city of Colombo. The remainder, (South Dehiwala) occupies a 28 km radius around the coastal town of Unawatuna.

The PRD was founded in the aftermath of the last Sri Lankan war. Its complex origins are well documented in “The third wheel: Emergence of a Microstate Power in Post Conflict Sri Lanka” by Goliath White [Kottu Publishing, Eastern West Dehiwala].

The PRD has a customs and currency union with Federal Republic of Ceylon (FRC) government, and the Kingdom of Sri Lanka (KSL) enabling visa free travel for PRD citizens. Their wealth, easy yet shrewd generosity and armed self confidence have earned PRD citizens the nickname “Dehiyo” (a play on the Sinhalese word for deities and Dehiwala) by the impoverished FRC citizens.


Flag of the People's Republic of Dehiwala
Image created by the chair of the PRD’s. Central cultural committee.

See entry on the flag of the People’s Republic of Dehiwala.

Capital: Galkissa (also called Mt Lavaniya).

Sights: Cassarole hotel which along with its famous sign has remained miraculously undamaged.


Population figures and census data are a state secret. It is illegal to collect demographic data. [citation needed]. The PRD’s location and its performance as open yet well regulated financial has attracted a diverse expatriate population. They include Californian refugees in their distinctive pink and green head dress and many Norwegian dissidents.


Main airport: Ravana international links the PRD to major destinations throughout the Thai Empire, the East African Economic Union, the United States of Hindustan, and the middle east. Viman Air has a daily non stop flight to the Free State of Mogadishu which has close military and economic ties with the PRD.

A regular hydrofoil service operates from Kinross pier to Dehiwala south. The primary mode of transport are the ubiquitous three wheelers.


Structure of government has frequently been compared to ancient Athens and Pre annexation Switzerland. Each district appoints a monthly chair person who heads a structure of citizens’ committees. The role of head of government rotates among the districts via a lottery.

District level autonomy is quite significant. Southern South Dehiwala restricts public nudity for adults without a criminal record. The more conservative district of Southern North Dehiwala restricts public nudity to permit holders for weekends.

The primary governing body appears to the national defence co-originating committee headed by Captain-Major Rodrigue Pushpakumara Van Parakramabahu (ret.) commonly called “Pushpe ayiya”. Mr Parakramabahu is one of the state’s founders and commanded the Elara and Singhabahu armoured Trishaw units during the siege of Colombo. [Herge, L: Scorpions of Paradise]

[Government org chart in SVG format]


Confidential banking, tourism and organic ginger beer production. The constitution permits citizens to establish and operate confidential banks. It guarantees state protection for anyone irrespective of citizenship complete banking confidentiality. Taxation is illegal and entry into the country by foreigners connected with taxation bodies are banned. Citizens from the KSL and the FRCey are not covered by this clause.

The wealth generated by banking enables PRD citizens to devote their time to affairs of state. Most of the country’s workforce consists of Ceylonese citizens.

Aliya and Tucker brands of organic ginger beer have developed a phenomenal following in the Thai Empire and the East African Economic Union.

Currency: the Dehiwala Rupee (DRs) which is pegged to the Federal Ceylon rupee (1 DRs = 1038.0743 FedCeyRs). It is locally referred to as the “Dehi”. [citation need — exchange rate link required].


The PRD defence fore (PRDDF) has a professional core supported by a larger citizens’ militia. Virtually all adult citizens are ex combatants in the siege of Colombo, A vast majority were members of the former Colombo defence volunteer force. The remainder consists of veterans of the disbanded western province army and other defunct Ceylon military units.

Adult citizens are required by law to carry automatic weapons at all times. Consequently the PRD is reputedly has one of the highest concentration of weapons per capita in any peace time state. PRD citizens take great pride in personalised weaponry and has made the country the largest global market for customised Škorpion submachine guns.

Society and Culture:

The average citizen of the PRD has been described as 31, multi ethnic, urbanised, wealthy, egalitarian, and easy going. Dehiwala culture is famous for its multi lingual puns and complex nick name structure. PRD is also well known for its liberal social laws. Marriage for example is treated as a consensual legal contract between two adults without any reference to gender. Famously, multiple contracts are possible with the consent of other contract holders.

Official cocktail: Dehiwala Lemonade

This patented combination of Rum, Aliya ginger beer is inexplicably nicknamed Lunu Dehi has become extremely popular.

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