Google searches that find my blog

Screen grab below shows a sampling of the Google search terms that find my blog. Each “column” is from a random day off my stats. I’ll leave it to the picture for the thousand words.

I’m not sure what to conclude besides a chuckle. Of course there are wiser minds than me who can see the patterns (if any). Displays of their analytical skill, opinion and genius, will be gratefully welcomed in the comment box.

Screen grab of Google search terms that find my blog
Screen grab of Google search terms that find my blog

Meanwhile, what sorts of google searches lead to your blog?


14 thoughts on “Google searches that find my blog

  1. analyzing all the terms that you have given, the final conclusion that I came up with is that most probably your a terrorist pedophile who like sexy aunties (I know it doesn’t make sense) and probably also owning a three wheeler.


  2. I haven’t been logging mine
    but here’s the terms for the past 2 days:

    logon pages
    gulshan esther lieing
    drug art
    sri lankan pussy
    complaint letter to god
    drug addict die
    drug addiction
    fuck it all pill


  3. lesbians, sexy aunties and home-made radars eh? 😉 lol

    btw, ‘home built supercomputer’??? hmmm, iiiinteresting! *goes and searches* 😉 lol


  4. The one that gets me the most hits is some search like “how to put a successful/funny/good/…. facebook status message” or any similar one which end up in one of my posts. The second, would you believe, is “Shakira’s body”. LMAO!!!!
    Also there is a post about facebook quizzes which also attracts a lot of searches.


  5. There are over 100 such terms. ..

    kirigalpoththa , thisa wewa , anawilundawa , dun tree, kalpitiya , kukuleganga, panama village , saptha kanya , scenic beauty of sri lanka ….

    Above are the top 10 that referred most visitors to my blog out of the entire lot 🙂

    All above info was obtained thanks to Google Analytics!


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