The Economist has not arrived

My copy of The Economist magazine is now officially almost 48 hours late. Clearly there is no crisis or cause for alarm. It is a magazine after all which is why I have not called the police. Haggling with the local distributor is not going to help either.

I’m shocked that I even have to convince myself that there is no crisis. Repeatedly. I still have 3 old copies left to survive on (read it dry). Perhaps I’ll read the tender invites from third world governments or take a sniff at the small eternal ad in the back about opening a Swiss bank account.

I don’t think I’m addicted to that blasphemously free market wad of paper. I think its the style of the writing. The snooty flow of the phrases that also informs. The closest metaphor I can think of is a Vodka WITH nutritional value. Drunk straight out of the bottle (as opposed to those silly little glasses). Clearly I have digressed and the magazine still hasn’t arrived.

Of course I could read the thing off the screen or download an audio version. Both seem unacceptable for inexplicable reasons.

Vut Tu Du but wait…

As there is no crisis. Just an excuse for a short little post.


10 thoughts on “The Economist has not arrived

  1. nowadays i almost never read the thing offline. dropping the print sub when it expires.
    used to read it from cover to cover. it helped i had to commute with hands and eyes free . used to have more respect for it too.


    1. Understand the feeling. The magazine is one of the few things I read that’s not on a screen any more. After the day’s grind of looking at a screen its nice to read some paper ๐Ÿ™‚ There’s a certain pleasure about coming across an article by a chance flip of the page too.


    2. You mean when the Anglo-Saxon model of capitalism that it trumpets was still viable, at least for the countries that were already rich?

      Or is that Chicago University is just not turning out enough neo-liberal economists of the same ‘calibre’ to be serve as cheaply paid interns?


  2. The snooty flow of the phrases that also informs

    lol accurate description. Sometimes they speak out of their bottom too. I stopped buying it once the prices went beyond my budget, switched online, and now even that is restrcited to paying people. Damn capitalists


  3. You should get over it, most of the rich countries have.
    They are now telling the poor ones the wonderful neo-liberal capitalism they encouraged is no longer appropriate for environmental reasons; too much carbon you see. Or in other words: I’m afraid you’ll have to stay poor, like you always were, that free market thing was just a bit of a con get hold of whatever resources the Brits left behind. In the menatime do read the Economist as your island sinks in to the Indian Ocean.”


  4. Whacko: ๐Ÿ˜† I actually end up reading most of their book review arts/tech stuff and world news. Most of which are surprising not that stridently free market. I generally don’t bother with the “leaders” unless starved for a good read.

    chamira: No idea what you meant in the first comment. Also I think you sum up of the magazine is not entirely accurate but I understand if you are not a fan ๐Ÿ˜‰ Like I said – I like it no for its ideological stand. Best to get a good read before going under ๐Ÿ˜‰


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