Geoffrey Bawa’s Lunuganga chariot

Found this old possibly bullock drawn carriage tucked way in the semi-underground storage garage at Geoffrey Bawa’s Lunuganga. Also sharing the garage was a sawn off trishaw which fans might recall being pictured in numerous books about Bawa G.

This cart/carriage is a bit of a mystery. Possible an ancestral Bawa remnant or a nick nack the guru himself might have picked up. Though it is not as spiff looking as a Rolls, I think it is just as classy (after a bit of restorative dusting). Restored it would fit in perfectly into one of those “old Ceylon” sepia prints of a Bullock Hackery. Of course Bawa’s chariot could be very well horse drawn. The comment box humbly awaits your corrections.

Lunuganga Charriot

The black and white along with the black border is just me trying to be arty ๐Ÿ˜‰


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