Sri Lankan male Wine knowledge

Perception of wine in the Sri Lankan circles that can afford it, is changing against established Sri Lankan male (SLM) attitudes. The ascendent unspoken view makes wine a drink of sophistication, worldly cosmopolitan-ness and cultural refinement (even more sophistication). Relatives from abroad (they will be descending soon for the “season”) are quite active in spreading the idea. These and other factors behoves the SLM to develop a better understanding of the changing situation. Along with this little introduction is interesting little informational video to move things along.

Traditionally, the SLM regards wine an unmanly ladies’ drink. Meant for women who are too fragile for Whisky, Vodka, Arrack, beer, Bicardi and other traditional essentials of demonstrating manhood. Male Sri Lankan wine drinkers are seen as suspiciously odd arty types, hoe-moes, pro terrorist NGO peaceniks and anyone else seeking the title of “odd bugger”.

Subconsciously the SLM knows that Wine is essentially French grape juice. It comes in two colours: beetroot and slightly constipated urine. It is drunk from girlie glasses most SLMs would dare be seen holding at the sports club. Granted, consumed in sufficient quantities wine reproduce all the effects of drunkenness (sorry Oscar). However this is viewed as a perverted path to the only true purpose of alcohol β€” getting piss puking drunk.

Such views are easily and loudly aired amongst one’s machans in the evening twilight from plastic chairs on the sports club grass. Yet beyond the club gates, the social landscape changing. The Sri Lankan male (SLM) is a vulnerable social animal (a fact never admitted even under torture). To survive amongst more powerful social animals (Wives, female relatives, girl friends, mistresses) the SLM must be agile in his publicly exhibited tastes. His views on wine is an easier survival induced compromise.

One prominent form is to lug a bottle along when invited over to dinners. Most cunning males prefer not to open such bottles and simply pass it on at the next dinner.

In the worst case scenario you may be expected to procure wine for the refined palettes of visiting ex-pat relatives. On top of denting the arrack budget, you may be expected to converse about the esoteric of this fermented grape juice. In the face of these horrors I would like to recommend to my fellow machans to this hilarious film which taught me all I need to know to fake it about wine.


14 thoughts on “Sri Lankan male Wine knowledge

  1. Normally I dont comment though I felt i need to object to the generalisation of this article. I dont quite agree with the generalisation that all SLM’s are adopting this approach. I personally dont drink wine, primarily because I am not used to its taste nor do I like it. So does that make me any less socially accepted?

    I think not.

    Again I am going on personal experiences and trying not to generalise. If I do go out and there are others that drink wine, I believe it is their choice and do not think its homo at all (though I have to agree with you that some guys do think that πŸ™‚ ) But I do not join him and tell him as such.

    Just a comment to state that some guys do not fit your bill of trying to drink wine to be socially acceptable πŸ™‚


  2. One of my favorite activities is to, sit in front of a computer with a match going on (for the lack of TV channels where I can watch cricket) and sip an Italian wine. Heaven!

    Alone, though, of course.


  3. I think a majority of SLMs still drink with the express intention of getting rat-arsed (AKA “drunk”). Drinking to enjoy the complexity of aromas and flavours in a glass of wine or a single malt scotch remains a rarity.

    PS: I probably fall into a hybrid of “suspiciously odd arty type” and “pro terrorist NGO peacenik”…. πŸ™‚


    1. Most SLM are appalling drunks, they see it as a means to an end. Men seem to just head off to the bush with bottles of rank booze and some short-eats for the sole purpose of getting rat-arsed. May be this is something to do with being in a predominantly buddhist country where alcohol is not a part of the food culture at all and they don’t know how to incorporate it sociably. Lack of exposure to alcohol probably has means a high proportion of alcohol intolerance in the population too, i.e. the bad drunks haven’t been selected out!, similar to Japan, who are also a nation of bad drunks.


      1. Japs know how to incorporate it sociably alright. Rarely a single gathering of them ends without alcohol, and to be frank they don’t make a big deal of it. It’s a part of their culture, I really don’t know how you came up with this theory that Japs are bad drunks.


  4. Jack: Thank you πŸ˜€

    Chavie & Sach : πŸ˜† hilarious exchange – made the post worth writing πŸ™‚

    chamira: ok ok ok I won’t order f*@??!!&* Merlot. Even if I didn’t I won’t know it πŸ˜‰ Is it beetroot coloured or yellow?

    Totally agree with you. Very cool avatar logo btw.


  5. “Male Sri Lankan wine drinkers are seen as suspiciously odd arty types, hoe-moes, pro terrorist NGO peaceniks and anyone else seeking the title of β€œodd bugger”.”
    fantastic !!ROFL .


  6. Anne: πŸ˜€ Happy you had a kick out it πŸ™‚

    chamira: Not sure about drinking in Japanese culture but I think that there’s something to do with machismo involved. The more you can drink in order to get drunk the more of a “man” you are – ie an indication of some sort of strength. I think its one of the many unspoken assumption of are feudal culture.

    sach: Would like to hear more about the interaction of Japanese culture and alcohol.


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