Why I refuse to vote for either candidate

I refuse to vote for either candidate in Sri Lanka’s presidential election. I do so based on these factors:

  1. I don’t vote for people with moustaches. Its a personal thing.
  2. I think the outcome of the election is ultimately irrelevant. The only winners will be politicians from one political worm pile or the other. The video in the previous post illustrates the sentence that sums Sri Lankan politics.
  3. I am tired of my fellow serfs thinking that elections are a sign of a democratic society – or that politicians are the root of the problem. That is no different to viewing marriage as a means of avoiding infidelity.

My vote will get used anyway. After 60+ years of electoral feudalism, voter fraud is an art form. I’m trying to decide whether to write an obscenity or an Oscar Wilde quote on the ballot card. Oscar is hard to get right in Pali.

BBC will no doubt show streams of us darkies lining up to stick a piece of paper in a box and call it democracy.

If there’s someone who thinks otherwise, convince me with the comment box or forever hold your peace.

Now where’s my vodka?


20 thoughts on “Why I refuse to vote for either candidate

  1. Your vote will be used if you let it be used. Ununsed votes are sometimes split between parties if an agreement is reached between them, I’m not sure if that happens with Presidential elections, but it does happen in the others. By not voting you’re giving them one more vote for them to split, one more choice for them to steal, one more voice for them to take, one more heart for them to break (excuse the poetry)

    Don’t do it for yourself, think of it as speaking for those who have a voice but no one listening to them. I don’t stand for representative democracy, but that’s not how it began was it? The pioneers of democracy did not speak in closed houses. They all spoke, each perso with a voice, and a platform to be heard. But of course it’s hard to hear the few lovely voices among the hordes of croaking, and shouting, so these people walk away. One by one they handed over the power they had to the others. One by one they sealed their lips shut, and these people today scream for freedom of speech, freedom of this, freedom of that, when they were the ones who gave away the key they had, and now instead they live in their own comfort they’ve created for themselves. Ignorant to the fact that they play a huge role in the lives of others on the same land. Others who have something to say but no platform to speak. Why not speak for them? Human beings are selfish beings by nature, we’re creatures of self. But try to step outside that, beyond moustaches and aliens vs predators, red vs blue, at least have some say in it instead of letting them chose who gets the bigger pile of dead humans.

    Maybe I’m not making sense, or I’ve got it all wrong, but I’m going to vote solely to be heard. And hope the millions of voices unspoken speak on that day too.


  2. I guess Cerno, that by not voting, you’re exercising your right to choose not to vote, which is a bit of democracy in action anyway.

    I share your views re point 1. Both the main candidates have moustaches and that’s not good nor a sign of trustworthiness.


  3. Yeah, wouldn’t vote for them moustachios myself, unless they somehow found a way to reincarnate good old Don Stephen Senanayake! πŸ˜‰


    1. and also, about what you’re gonna write on the thing… how about the 3rd verse (if I remember correctly) from ‘Mrs. Robinson’… πŸ˜‰


  4. Well said Cerno! Although this would have been the first set of elections I would have been old enough to vote for, this is definitely the one I would avoid both out of purpose and geography. I don’t think either one winning will make a difference, policy or otherwise.

    ps- I would go with a Wilde quote, and if you do I look forward to seeing what your pali translation looks like πŸ™‚


  5. They say that every country gets leaders that it deserves. If we don’t have good enough leaders, probably it says something about us as a nation.


  6. If you do not engage in regular horse racing or dog racing or that sort of things like my grandfather, you must vote. It is fun. You must wake up in the morning, have a plate of nicely cooked warm Kiri-Bath and dress in a light cloth, slippers are good, I normally pick a sarong to go with it too and get ready to drive to the voting station. Pick any of your neighbors walking toward that direction and give them a lift on the way and back too. They can sit on top of each other if necessary. By the time you back, Kiri-Bath will come to the effect making you ready for a nice nap. In the evening, sit front of the television set and have a nice plate of peanuts on one side your wife on the other and get ready for the night. Now you get to enjoy the excitement or wining or the loosing of your horse, town by town, district by district until the day break. It is more exciting than a game or rugby. Here you get to be a player without risking of breaking your ankle or two front teeth while having the same excitement a rugby player may have. If you do not vote, you will miss all that fun and more, and have to spend the coming days like a jackass, moving here and moving there all empty. And I’m sure you don’t want to feel that way.


  7. if i remember correctly there was something along the lines of ” i will not talk about politics somewhere buried in this esteemed blog .. so this must be a post on the puerility of third world democracy and choosing leaders. point taken.

    as for reasons to vote: i think the only one that Sam missed was the fashion statement that you get to make for about 2-3 weeks after the election with the permanent marker colouring on your pinkie. the only other people to get away with such extensive make-up are the rock band Kiss. I will be traveling quite heavily after the election and look forward to showing off our “inclusive democracy” ring with much pride. I may even pretend that it is nail colouring πŸ™‚


  8. Just to be clear – I didn’t say anything about NOT voting. I just won’t be voting for either candidate. If there is one, I’ll vote for a third party candidate. What we need is something like the Official Monster Raving Loony Party to add some colour. At the worst, I’ll invalidate it so it can’t be used by anybody.

    St. Fallen: Not exactly sure about what you are trying to say. Being heard doesn’t amount to much in feudal politics. No more than the crocodile hears the screams of its lunch. If the people of the north make the deciding vote about who will be king, I suppose there will be a slight pause among the politicos. Then they’ll just shrug and carry on. Its not just in Sri Lanka or the third world.

    RD: I guess I’ll be choosing not to vote for either but also not to let my vote get used by either as well.

    stormcrow : Not sure what you mean. To clarify: I don’t vote for people with moustaches. Has nothing else to do with stuff outside politics.

    Ahamed Nizar: Yes, it is the eternal constant of politics: who ever wins we loose πŸ™‚

    Chavie: :O the Mrs Robinson reference missed me 😳 curious about it though. Could you explain?

    Vindi: Starting to realise my Pali is very very corroded.

    Sujeewa: Quite true – to put a slightly different spin on it – we collectively allow to take root.

    Sam & Jack: πŸ˜† Have to admit I don’t have much patience for sports. The tension irritate me πŸ™‚ B

    maf: You must be referring to my vaguely worded escape clause rich “policy” on not blogging about politics. I guess this is about as long as it lasted πŸ™‚ Body painting fashion statements aren’t my kind of thing but I suppose I’ll end up getting one. Its just that none will know that I didn’t vote for the moustaches πŸ˜‰


  9. Cerno:

    that was a joke about what RD said about trustworthiness.

    talking about votes, I respect and am ready to defend your right to vote for anyone who likes for any reason, or not to vote at all. But given to understand that mustache is a overriding rule in your vote preference over political matters, ***personally*** I’m relieved in getting to know that you are not going to vote either of the candidates with a chance to win, thus affecting, however subtly, who gets elected as *my* next president. It’s a personal thing, you know πŸ˜‰


  10. Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘Mrs. Robinson’ has the following verse:

    “Sitting on a sofa on a Sunday afternoon
    Going to the candidates debate
    Laugh about it, shout about it
    When you’ve got to choose
    Every way you look at it, you lose”



  11. 100% on the David Sutch. I would have voted for him EVERYtime.
    Did you know that the dude made it to the book book of world records ??????? It is so cool to see people create their own reality !!!! Sutch is totally awesome in that respect.

    Have a merry christmas and have happy new year filled with lots of relatives and tons of choas and confusion.


    1. Sadly he’s neither a Sri Lankan citizen nor alive 😦 If politics wasn’t such a lucrative business I think Sri Lanka could have produced an equivalent or done one step better πŸ™‚

      Thank you for the wishes πŸ™‚ Relative are descending in a rain of anvils πŸ˜‰

      All the best for the holidays and 2010 πŸ˜€ Give setting up a blog a thought!


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