Who will you vote for? Take a 2 click poll

Cast your vote for the 2010 Sri Lankan presidential election early at Cerno’s little polling booth. All it takes is 2 clicks on the buttons in this post. No goons, no idea card showing, getting inked or waiting for the couple going at it in the booth to finish. Results revealed to voters only.

I won’t stuff any ballots as polldaddy.com will be doing all the counting who will also function as international observers. Since they are a for profit company there’s no chance of them being a pro terrorist peacenik NGO. So what are you waiting for? Sample some a short eat of Feudal electorialism while you wait for the real thing


16 thoughts on “Who will you vote for? Take a 2 click poll

    1. Interesting indeed 🙂 but still too early in the game. Based on your comment I updated the voting card to include “undecided”. Not as traditional as ballot box stuffing and other voter fraud stuff. However I think it will capture the voting sentiments better.


  1. You do know that these results will be skewed, right ? 1% of the Sri Lankan population is online and very few who can vote and will be in the country read this blog so, this will be similar to the US poll sometime back before phones were common place.


    1. Of course this poll is more than skewed 🙂

      All it shows are preferences of people who visited this blog AND decided to use the poll – an insignificant fraction of the 1% you mentioned.

      I certainly would not think of it as a “real” poll of any kind – in the US or anywhere else. This is a blog after all.


      1. yay i heard they are considering about extending the vote to sri lankans overseas, i quite like that idea..

        when you are in a another’s land you become more patriotic.. i guess it is true for both the sinhalese side as well as the eelamist side

        for example when im in a public place i prefer to beef up my “mane” inorder to repell any competition from the whiteys etc haha 🙂

        a cynic can argue that the MR administration would have the incentive to extend the vote to expats because everyone over here seems to be in their side :s basill.r and them are expats afterall init..

        The reason I like this idea is because then i get the chance to draw a waterfall on my ballot paper haha.. (btw i saw that “hyperanalyser” link, feel free to leave a comment on what you think- even if its shit, im only new lolol)


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