Despite the futility of talking about Sri Lankan politics, political talk is generally taken seriously. Sometimes the recipients of your words might give them more weight than you intended. It is an odd sensation when you’ve spent quite a bit of effort in the past to avoid writing about politics. Esoteric trivia seemed both meaningful and “safe”. Yet now The Voices in the Head have deemed it is time to ditch some old policies. It is no doubt a practical exercise to purge distracting and preoccupying thoughts gurgling through the neurones. After the powerpoint given by Deep Booming Voice I am confident that mulling over politics is merely a topical mutation. It will no doubt fade away when our fellow citizens have picked their overlord for the next few years.


3 thoughts on “Seriously

  1. Yeah, I kinda had a small policy thing too, but stuff happened and I felt that it was not right for me to keep my mouth shut about them. After all, this man we chose is going to have a real impact on our lives for the next 6 or so years… 😀


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