Picture: Sri Lanka going into 2010

The photo below captures the feeling I get when I think of Sri Lanka (and its Sri Lankans) trundling into 2010. It hasn’t been a smooth ride (which country every has one?) and there’s a lot of heavy historical baggage in the trailer. The vehicle itself isn’t idea. The traffic as usual is uncertain. Historically we expect things to be unpleasant but try not to think about it. To cheer things up there’s an easy appropriation of western symbolism for purely practical purposes. Obviously there’s the camaraderie of Machan-ness – along with the prospect of back stabbing that comes with it. Also in the picture is our shaky rear view mirror of history – which is very rarely helpful and dangerously distracting. However its part of our reality as regulations demand.

At this point I’ll let the picture’s worth of 1000 words do the talking. Feel free to use the shaky symbolism for your own interpretations.

Sri Lanka riding into 2010

Thank you for reading and the comments this year. Wish you all a happy 2010 and a fun and safe 31st night.


9 thoughts on “Picture: Sri Lanka going into 2010

  1. The pessimist in me sees us poor passengers on a bumpy ride with vile things being poked up our nether regions while the two sods in the front drives us lord know’s where!

    All the best for 2010 Cerno!


  2. Love the Photo! A very happy new year to you too Cerno! Hope it’s a good one for all of us, sri Lanka included, considering all the election ‘festivities’ ahead 🙂


  3. Iconic pic, I’ve begun seeing SF and MR symbolism everywhere now! lol 😉

    Hope you have an awesome 2010 Cerno! 😀


  4. Sigma Delta: Thank you 😀 Wish you a very happy 2010 for you and yours! As for the pessimistic reading, I’m trying to avoid noticing that 😉

    Kirigalpoththa: Have another wonderful year and may you bring forth many more stunning hiking pictures!

    Vindi: Thank you 🙂 Have a warm new year up there.

    Chavie: Have a rocking 2010 🙂

    gutterflower: Happy 2010!

    Dili: Essayma වේවා


  5. The optimist in me focuses on the road ahead :). It seems very clear and there seem to be no obstacles on the way. So there.
    Here is wishing all the best for 2010 for Mr. and Mrs. C. To tell you the truth this is quite dissapointing innit ? Where are the flying cars ? 2020 does not look too good either in that respect.
    Rock on.


    1. Thank you for the wishes. Happy 2010 to you and yours 🙂

      I admire your optimism Don’t lose it 😀 I agree the 21st century isn’t what the sci-fi books cut it out to be. I was looking forward to day-trips to the moon.


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