First web tips for MMX (2010)

Google converts “normal” numbers to Roman numerals. All you need to do is type 2010 in Roman numerals into Google. There, I’ve done it. No more dithering about finding an “auspicious” topic for the year’s first post.

The web’s going to look interesting with the ability to use a greater variety of fonts on website. has a good overview. I wonder if the typekit (not yet) and or Web Open Font Format (WOOF) method will enable Sinhala fonts to display on sites without having to install fonts. allows the use of typekit fonts. I won’t be using it as the sign up process requires giving up too much info. Typekit also does not seem to support non English fonts just yet. Something for bilingual Sri Lankan bloggers to make a mark perhaps.

Hope you all recovered from your hangovers and turned up to the “bodhi puja” at the temple looking all meek and pious.


3 thoughts on “First web tips for MMX (2010)

  1. and more websites using the HTML5 audio and video thingamajigs! 😀

    does this mean that non-unicode Sinhala fonts are websafe again? 😕 I’d hate if that’s the case! Newspapers and other non-standardised morons will have a new lease of life! 😦


    1. I’d bet there’ll be always the goon who puts up each page as a single jpg 🙂 Not sure how the unicode thing will be worked into this. I doubt it will ever be resolved.


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