Living free

I feel lucky to have a few moments to type this. A tsunami of family and social events have swept me away from this blog for over a week. I have received a prescription strength overdose of relatives, friends, relatives of friends, and friends of relatives (RFRFFR). Consequently it has led to numerous realisations (particularly about politics and the election) that will find expression in other posts assuming I get the time to peck them out. The short version is that I’ve decided to vote for the current president (a shocking reversal from an earlier stance). I am also more optimistic than ever about Sri Lanka’s future (irrespective of the winning moustache).

The social storm has included two piriths plus alms givings within the last 6 days alone — outside various dinners and lunches. I thought this sort of social frenzy would fade out after the new year “season”. Specially when the overseas people went back. Turns out they came later and are staying longer. In the middle of that I’ve managed to get sick and be subjected to numerous vile traditional portions cooked up by relatives highly qualified in western medicine. Needless to say I’ve recovered.

The benefit of being immersed in this family soup is a serious replenishment of a vast far flung Sri Lankan social network. I still can’t accurately describe its dynamics. The best that I can say that it is spread over 4 continents and more countries than I prefer to track. Its big, complicated, and all the nodes know what’s going on with all the other nodes. The female nodes have an option on everything. The male nodes (the older, wiser ones – a group I don’t belong to) realise the sanity of not voicing any.

An unexpected trend that I have noticed after my absence is that this blog is now going entirely on non traffic. Mainly direct traffic, with a mix of google searches and referrals. Never thought it would happen but a happy trend none the less.


9 thoughts on “Living free

  1. I love those “vile traditional portions”! I’m having a cold and am on them as I type! 😀

    Hey, are you going to vote for THE president or just vote in the presidential election? 😕


    1. 😀 yes those brews do the job but they are miserable to swallow. I suppose the prospect of swallowing more forces the body’s immune system to get its act together 😉

      Yes my vote’s for The President (the current ruler) though I’ll go with what ever gut instinct I have when it comes to the moment when pen/pencil has to hit paper. An eyebrow raiser of a decision I suppose but that’s the choice even if I’m not entirely happy about it. I certainly do have my fears about another few years of MR but that’s about the same for any politician. I don’t expect my vote will count for much or have any effect on the overall outcome.


    2. you don’t expect us to be all right with your decision without a proper post about WHY your voting for him, yeah? And “I am also more optimistic than ever about Sri Lanka’s future (irrespective of the winning moustache).”? 😯 you should peck, naaao! 😀


      1. With the way things are going schedule wise I’ll be luck to peck anything before the election 😉 Though I’ll try. Thankfully I’m not one of those gurus whose likely to influence anyone’s vote. 😀


      2. well, atleast you’ll get some apathetic people to go to the polling station and actually cast a vote! 😀


  2. welcome back mr c – your voice (nay signal) has been sorely missed from the cacophony of political posts. hope you are feeling better..


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