Unglamorous Colombo panorama

From its streets, Colombo is a warren of high walls and blocked off vistas. Unless you have the fortune/misfortune to live in one of those new high rise condos, you don’t have much of a view. The recent commuting to hospital reminded me of some photos I took from the upper floors of Durdans Hospital in Colombo a long while back. I combined them to create the “panorama” below (not as high tech as my earlier attempt). Mainly as a futile escape from other more important demands on my time.

The view is looking northwards. Since I’m not used to being in high places I have no idea what the high rises in the distance are. I took a few guess but I expect I’m typically wrong. If you can ID some of building, the comment box awaits. Alternatively you can add notes in the image’s flickr page (reached by clicking on the image).

Unglamorous Colombo panorama

Click here to view a 1024 pixel wide image.

To top off this post, the approximate location on Google Maps.


6 thoughts on “Unglamorous Colombo panorama

  1. Not too sure about those buildings… I think you’ve ID’d the JAIC Hilton right, but I’m not too sure…

    My uni is situated on the 12th floor (among others) of a pretty high building in Colombo… I saw Sri Pada one morning, but was too stupid and didn’t snap a pic of it with my phone… 😦 It was surprisingly clear and the whole central mountains looked like they were really close! I really regret not snapping that pic! 😦


  2. @chavie,
    Hilarious !!! that is a sri lankan cliche !!! I saw Siri pada from my building. Every uni student ,wether they are from Pera,Mora or any other joint makes that claim . fantastic.


    1. I guess it’s the unique geography of Sri Pada (with no mountain around it coming up to it’s height) that makes it visible from a lot of places… man this is why I really regret not taking that pic! 😦


  3. Chavie: thank you for the info 🙂 Hope you get a chance to snap the mountain if you see it.

    kapila I think that Sri Pada is actually quite visible from the Colombo when its backlit from the east in the mornings as a silhouette. Sort of like our mount Fuji 🙂


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