Independence anniversaries

A hurricane is sweeping through Cernoland (medical emergencies aside). Its hard to keep track of what day it is. Days not spent in the office are called public holidays and weekends apparently. Such as our first truly independent, independence day. Without a war that defined the last 30 years, the corrupt politicians who kept it going and the dictates of far away terrorist sheltering governments. Personally I prefer the corrupt politicians who ended this war.

Of course these are naive simplistic thoughts. Since I never had to worry about a loved one ending up like this I might be expected to take a slightly more sophisticated view. I might come across a government “stooge” — particularly to some relatives who will never know.

We may have political differences but we are still family. Right now that’s what counts. We have to rely on each other, not politicians make the new optimism real. Just as we did when times were bad. Undoubtedly life is a messy process littered with some hard choices. Some of them may be very personal. I’m just waiting for veranda gripping to be over. Though I have to admit I don’t think I can take another convoluted story about how the president’s family rigged the elections.

All I hope from our rulers is a bit of boring history. Without riots, rebellions and terrorism. A time we can remember through harmless personal histories. Of being left alone to earn a living, contribute to some economic growth and perhaps win an international cricket match or two. If our rulers can provide that, they have earned whatever they looted in all the stories I have heard.

Right now, I’m amazed at the simple miracle of finding the time to peck these sloppy incoherent words. Something I tentatively started 3 years ago today– an event as insignificant as this blog. At least it gets the floating words out of my head to focus on more important things.

Finally to you who have put up with it all, Thank you 😀


12 thoughts on “Independence anniversaries

  1. Hope things get sorted for you bro.
    As far as blogging goes SL blogs are nothing hot on any given day. The only people who get more than 20 comments per post are Kirigalpotha and Amila. The most interesting finding was that their comments were not those that were from the people in their blog roll. All the rest is doing rather badly, no one even reaches more than 10 comments per post, from people other than those within the same social circle.

    So these SL blogs are not reaching a captive audience is it ? We have been keeping a track of the comment patterns of the SL blogs for about a year and it is quite clear that majority of them appear to be a rather small social group, than anything else.
    E.g. majority of the comments come from their your fellow bloggers, promoted within the blog roll.
    Compare that to some of the other blogs, like thesimpledollar,unclutterer and the zenhabbits which reaches a wider audience and can correctly be called public media and not a small social club.[I comment on your blog, you comment on mine, and lets add each other to the roll]
    So end of a year as we wrap up our project our group has hypothesised that SL bloggers have become limited and ineffective in reaching a captive audience due to using a blog aggregator. The aggregators creates a small pond and keeps the bloggers within relative comforts of a Sri Lankan audience for their traffic. This we see as a reason as to why none of the SL bloggers have not been able to reach the kind of an audience to make an impact either in terms of action or in terms of
    reaching a wider audience. This behaviour is similar in other small pacific countries who have used aggregators creating a tight knit group.

    Three years is a long time and many other bloggers that have been under observation our project has managed to reach large audiences by that time. Usually within first two years.

    Now there is a reason for this rant on your blog,despite it being classified under “failed” in our categorization. As Anne points out your aim for blogging seem to be based on intrinsic motivations and not commercial gains nor self promotion.

    The analysis produced yours as one of the most with “potential” for commercial gains and reach a wider audience, amongst the kottu blogs.
    [few comparative publications will be available within the year].Eight others were also identified and they will also be contacted. Your ranking was about 20 points higher than the blog that came second.

    So good luck and all the very best,bro.Our group wishes you all the very best and Anne will again become a regular reader when she gets on back on dry land in about six months.

    We would be greatful if this information is not shared as we will only contact the ones that displayed some value according to our scale.Being a positivistic research group we are aware of the limitation of the instruments we used.


  2. Happy Bloggerversary Cerno! 😀 It’s been a pleasure reading your blog, for the short time I’ve read it… 🙂

    I know what you mean about how it’s hard to take the bitching about the election at every family meetup. I can’t believe the amount of hatred in some of their comments. They talk of people needing to be shot and what not… 😦


  3. mahasen: Thank you for the good wishes 🙂 I’m quite interested in finding out more about your study 🙂 if that’s possible.

    I quite agree with your findings is like a village. I am surprised though that your study found my blog of keyboard defications to any any commercial potential! Interestingly though I have found that most of my traffic comes from non kottu sources though they are not the source of a majority of my commenters (still surprised – and grateful – that I actually have people who comment on my blog). Not to worry I won’t share any details you send my way. Just to confirm – you know that your comment about the study is publicly visible right?

    Chavie: Thank you 😀 Glad you find it a decent read. Seems the election grumbles you are subject to are worse than what I deal with. Hope they simmer down. Wishing for death squads is depressing – specially after all we’ve been through.


  4. Mr C – please keep up the good work and congratulations on the anniversary. I am still amazed that you are able to peck this out on a PDA and not only remain coherent but witty and challenging. to the voices that must be obeyed…


  5. maf: thank you 🙂 most of the time even I don’t know how I manage to pull it off. Have to tilt my head now as ALL the voices in my head have decided to take a bw 😉

    sach: Thank you 😀 right now I’m barely thinking about the next post!


  6. Almost an year ago, Selvarasa Pathmanathan, alias K.P, then the “provisional” head of the LTTE, announced the formation of what he described as a Provisional Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam. (

    KP appointed the then legal advisor to the LTTE, Rudrakumar Viswanathan, to head a committee set up to work out the details of this so called transnational government.

    Today, KP is enjoying caviar at the expense of the Sri Lankan government at Visumpaya, which earlier housed the current Minister of External Affairs, G.L.Peiris and before him, the former leader of the opposition and then speaker of the parliament, bon vivant Anura Bandaranaike.

    In KP´s absence, Rudrakumaran just got himself elected as the CEO of the re-branded provisional government, now called a “Transnational Constituent Assembly of Tamil Eelam”.

    The whole sordid saga of this election process, where Rudrakumaran appointed his close friend and business partner, Ramsey Clark to oversee his own election, is reported in detail ( by D.B.S Jeyraj, whose insider information provides illuminating details of the power struggle between Rudrakumaran and other LTTE factions to take control of the pot of gold KP left behind.

    What he leaves out are or course the sordid details like how Rudra appointed friends and family to all the country working groups, or how the so called Independent Election Commissioners were all former or current associated of Rudra and his cohorts. While groups opposing Rudra did manage to get at least a handful of their supporters elected, more than 85% of the members of this fake government (for a country that does not exist) are all Rudra faithfuls, simply stuffed in there to give Rudra a semblance of authority and respectability, so he can go with his hand-out to get the hand-outs from friendly governments, NGO´s and of course, the collection from the much pressed Tamil Diaspora.

    Young Obi2canibe, a student of the East Anglia University, born in Jaffna and who is proud to identify himself as from Tamil Eelam, has been good enough to give us a detailed list of those who were seeking to be elected to this fake government and those who were finally elected here:

    All of these are in one way or another connected to an ruthless terrorist organization banned in many countries around the world. Now that we have these names out in the open, we need to find more details of who these people are and then bring them to notice of the proper authorities.

    Please help the people of Sri Lanka and its diaspora around the world to get rid of this scrooge once and all. Go to the wikipedia page, look at the names, if you have any information concerning any one of these, post them here or send us a private email at Lankans Against terro with the details. Please remember to give us any URL´s, and any published documentation which we can attribute so the information is credible and stands inspection.

    Join us in publicizing this page, our twitter account ( our user page ( and our anti-terrorism group page ( We will soon start petitions to be sent to governments, letters to major western newspapers and will start a major advertising campaign here in Facebook.

    We need every bit of help. Make it count!


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