Few good advertising creatives (video)

I keep hearing about the eternal conflict between clients and advertising creatives. The stories and the grumbles are sporadic yet they have a persistent consistency. Like honking traffic. This video seems to cover the advertising “creatives” side of things. I have no contact with the inner world of that industry. You don’t have to to enjoy it. Perhaps this one’s old hat to the many ad industry folk who inhabit the Lankanosphere. Interestingly, only ad guy that came to mind as I watched this clip is the happens to be both a writer and a war vet .


4 thoughts on “Few good advertising creatives (video)

  1. Wow! As an old analogue dog the Hilter parody hurt a little! Especially the part about owning the apple kit but not quite knowing what to do with it after you get it!

    As for DB, he was always a sheep in wolfs clothing and one of the sweetest CD’s I have worked with! I believe that he still is! x


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