Did you backup your blog?

Just a humble reminder to bloggers who drop by to keep a back up of their blog somewhere. WordPress.com suffered an unprecedented service outage yesterday which makes this a timely reminder. No data was ever lost. But it highlights a fundamental risk of “cloud” computing – that no data centre/service provider can ever offer 100% up time.

If the service that hosts your data/site/blog suffers a catastrophic data loss, would you be able to access YOUR data? Even if your are an irrelevant blogger like me, losing the words that you typed and the conversations you had over the last few years in a flash is definitely a loss of some kind. If the loss has financial or other “real world” consequences then if would be fatal not to have an “off service” or off site back up.

As for blogs its easy to do. The details are scattered around in a post about backing up you blog from a few months back. The ultimate aim of the back up is that you should be able to get your blog back online with an alternate service should your current service disappear.

During the most recent wordpress.com outage, I was secure in the knowledge that my blog existed as an xml file on my computer. It added to the confidence I had that WordPress.com will be back online without an issue.


3 thoughts on “Did you backup your blog?

  1. I don’t have a backup of my data hosted on WordPress.com, as WP.com is a perfect and reliable source. Downtime isn’t something shocking, but there will be no data loss from wordpress database, unless you delete them by yourself. WordPress has several datacenters. So, as they said, ‘if one falls into the ocean, others will still be available to serve our data.’

    However, for self-hosted blogs like mine ( http://www.aisajib.com ), we strongly need to back up our database to prevent any loss.

    Anyway, nice post reminding that it’s always good to have all data backup.


  2. Kiribati: wish I was as disciplined as you are!

    Sajib: -Quite true. WordPress.com is very reliable and their data centres have a lot of redundancy etc. However, I think its good to develop a habit of regular backups and know how to recover data without getting lulled by a reliability of the service provider. It will bite if you happen to end up with a less redundant service. Specially in a situation like your blog which you say needs to be backed up. I guess when you are self hosting your own blog you can automate the backups 🙂


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