Bare Handed Wild Boar Hunting Club and other Sri Lankan organisations

Sri Lanka is a land of clubs, associations, societies, governmental and non governmental organisations. Most of the first three have or try to have a dinner dance. The last two usually get by with some sort of award ceremony. Here’s a list of a few that are not well known. Some have appeared in posts past. Others will eventually make an appearance.



  • Ferrari Owner’s Club of Colombo
  • Lamborghini Association of Sri Lanka
  • Piliyandala Saab Drivers’ Group
  • Kollupitiya Aston Martin Club
  • Bavarian Motoring Society

(all featured in only one post.)


  • Foundation for Analytical Research and Teaching
  • Centre for Peace Implementation
  • Mango Lanka (Upcountry mango growers trade lobby – controversially headed by the nephew of the deputy non cabinet minister for upcountry mango cultivation.)


  • Defensive Driving Monthly
  • High Gear Sri Lanka Magazine
  • Dissociated Fake Press


  • Ministry of Recreation, Sports Infrastructure and Up country Mango Cultivation
  • People’s Republic of Dehiwala
  • Federal Republic of Ceylon
  • Kingdom of Sri Lanka


Ravana Defence Industries – a subsidiary of Ravana Aeronautics which is embroiled in a messy legal dispute with Ramraj Airspace Manufacturing Associates over the acquisition of Shanth International Transport Aviation.


If you know of others to be included in this list the comment box awaits your insider knowledge.

I have no idea how the voices in my head come up with these things. Perhaps it is healthy not to know. Typing it all in here is the only way to flush it out of my neurones.

It goes without saying that all the above organisations are fictitious. If there’s even one that is real – well words fail me but I’ll take them off the list.


6 thoughts on “Bare Handed Wild Boar Hunting Club and other Sri Lankan organisations

  1. Bare Handed Wild Boar Hunting Club – What the heck is that? I’m really curious to know about that.

    If you have traveled in any of the office trains you will see umpteen numbers of similar clubs. They do not have specific names but known by the specific location in the train.

    E.g. Mahawa kochchiya, 5 pettiya, 2nd compartment, 3 rd row. The location will be reversed in the return journey. For example if Mahawa train has 15 carriages, the location for the return journey changes to Mahawa kochchiya, 11 pettiya, 1st compartment, 1st row. To understand this mathematics you may have to take at least one journey in one of these office trains.

    The membership is given solely by the recommendation of an existing member. The most important privilege of membership is the guaranteed seat at least for part of the journey.

    In addition you may get more benefits like;
    1. Tasting quite a few sweets / snacks made by the members of the club or their relatives (Mainly provided by the female members)
    2. Unlimited chance to play cards
    3. Unlimited time for gossiping (As usual these trains take a lot of time to reach Maradana)
    4. Networking benefits and getting to know the members of adjacent clubs – E.g. Mahawa kochchiya, 5 pettiya, 2nd compartment, 2nd row


  2. More information about the Bare Handed Wild Boar Hunting Club please 🙂

    Membership requirements etc.


  3. wow, what K said is really interesting… really had no idea about them Train cliques! 😕

    Absolutely love the list of clubs you’ve put up there… bravo, Voices in Cerno’s head! (VICH) 😀


  4. Kiri: 🙂 that’s fabulous. Heard the same thing about “train clubs” on the Munbai commuter train system. Have to admit the “mathematics” of the system is quite boggling…

    As for the BHWBHC (Bare Handed Wild Boar Hunting Club) I’ll have to consult the voices on that. One of them was in it a while back but left after a row between the vegan and vegetarian factions which led to a split…. (long story)

    Vindi: Glad to contribute to a chuckle 😀

    seanhenricus: haven’t dreamt that up yet but will 🙂

    Chavie: VICH! 😀 you are definitely a SAUCSL member! Thank you 🙂


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