Why I voted for Mervin

  1. I deeply admire his dedication, proven commitment, and contribution to building a democratic civil society
  2. His deep knowledge of traditional ayurvedic medicine and hands on approach to their application has cured me of many ailments.
  3. These mushrooms I ate made me do it

If you haven’t realised that this little lazy post shouldn’t be taken too seriously, I don’t know what to say (not that I claimed to say anything).


13 thoughts on “Why I voted for Mervin

  1. Actually, Cerno, there is a reason why people like Mervin get re-elected. We need to look beyond the ideals of the Colombo elite and dig deeper to find out why. To common men the problem of surviving is more important than the ideals of democracy. While I do not believe that Mervin is a man worthy of being an MP, to people of Gampaha who voted for him, he is an important man. While doing all the ridiculous things he has done a lot of things for people in those areas – he’s provided them with jobs and other means in which they would have a life support. For those people it is important to keep him in the parliment or else they lose what they get. While it is easy for us to say he’s an idiot, a disgrace to democrasy and should not be even allowed to run for the parliment, for them it is the other way around.

    Things aren’t always what they seem.


  2. aesthetics; curious how narrow minded think their version is universal .

    sympathetic reaction; when a person is attacked in wildly exaggerated terms by a particular media institution with dubious reputation.

    btw let us not forget that all the major peaceniks ( and bloggers like indi padashow samarajiva ) actually walked hand in hand with meryn in 2006 at pro appeasement rally ( advertised by several such bloggers ) where he was an invited speaker for their “cause”. i am reminding that precisely bc liars don’t like this verifiable fact to be mentioned and act as if it never happened. lol

    others ( guess! 🙂 ) always held the same adverse view of him regardless of political situation, aesthetics or actions of media based on his actual non exaggerated actions. .


  3. i agree with Sach. i was speaking to a friend of mine and he described the paradox best – “sri lankans want their politicos to be larger than life their faults are immaterial as long as they are big personalities to be remembered”. 150k+ people voted for him…there must be some reasoning to their choice of representative – remember he was unelectable last time round..


  4. @sach

    Come on sach do you honestly believe Mervin provided jobs or food for 100 000 odd people? And people should realize pickpocketing 100 from us and giving back 10 isn’t actually something to be grateful of.

    There is no need to isolate people of Gampaha or elsewhere. We the people of Sri Lanka will reap the benefits for sending people like Mervin to the parliament and then we can continue complaining how the west is obstructing our progress.

    Lol. exaggerated isn’t it? You and your logics. If attacks by dubious media institutions(and slaves like you) do get you sympathetic votes Fonseka must be the president of our country today.


  5. @Liberal Lanka
    Not in a organized manner, but he has his people. It’s like this, a guy wants to open a “Petti Kadey” and Mervin’s men will have given some money to start. Another you one would have wanted a job, and he will give them in a government office – there are enough ministries to provide jobs despite not having anything to do. At the end of the day, he has given something to most of the people in his area and they in turn vote for him because they don’t care if he’s a retard or not as long as they get something.

    Remember Jeyaraj? When he was alive he was immensely popular because of the same reason. He has done something or the other for everyone in his seat. Doesn’t matter if it’s someone eles’ money he’s giving away, people don’t care.

    That’s how the system works.


  6. eh, i live in the gampaha district (in the town within it which probably has the highest concentration of mervyn’s ugly mug) and i can tell you he’s done diddly squat for (the town i live in, at least) that we actually need. i’m sorry, but we don’t need a thorana where the road leads to the temple, we don’t need another buddha statue in the bus stand, we don’t need the dozen or so new bars that have opened up in the area. i know people who have business owners from the junction who say he collects “protection money” from the shops.

    the morning of the election there was a van outside the polling station we went to with his number emblazoned across each of its windows, and his goons standing around. he might have got some votes from people who want liqour licences and bus licences etc from him, but i’m highly suspicious of this 150k.


    1. It got held up for “moderation” for some odd reason – wordpress.com’s filters work in mysterious ways. Thank you for your insightful comment. Sorry it took me so long to log in and rescue your comment.


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