Really real Sri Lanka Handball team

Sri Lanka has an official handball team. Its first international competition was the 2010 South Asian Games in Dakar – the first time handball was included. We were too distracted by politics to notice. I’m not sure if many people would have cared even with the cultural baggage handball carries in Sri Lanka.

The words “handball” and “Sri Lanka” are triggers for deep questions/conversations beyond the chuckles about the Machan film and the real fake handball team. Wonderful tools to derail futile haggles about politics at parties. Starting with:

is the really real national handball team a case of life imitating art which has already imitated life?

the bottomless conversation pit about why people are fleeing Sri Lanka to enslave themselves as undocumented workers (an excellent topic if you want to start a brawl at a party or between blogs).

I’ll let you complete the rest:


4 thoughts on “Really real Sri Lanka Handball team

  1. Let me start with a different view.
    Fleeing to a foreign country (illegally) and making a fortune sound very adventurous. You have to have some extra ordinary talent to do that. May be skills of a super detective or a world class crook.
    The problem is everyone can’t do that stuff. This is where majority get into trouble. 🙂


  2. can you imagine what kind of treatment the handball team would face if they ever wanted to go to Germany?

    i think people the world over have the assumption the grass greener on the other side of the world. you would not believe how many friends from the west wanted to come and settle in Sri Lanka when I described some aspects of living here. these are professionals living the so-called dream but alas often they are often too caught up in the race.

    I leave you with one of my favourite poems (apologies if I have quoted it before)..
    Distant Hills
    By Gary Larson

    The distant hills call to me.
    Their rolling waves seduce my heart.
    Oh, how I want to graze in their lush valleys.
    Oh, how I want to run down their green slopes.
    Alas, I cannot.
    Damn the electric fence!
    Damn the electric fence!


  3. Kiri: A very interesting point 😀 To their credit, none of the original Real Fake Sri Lankan Hand Ball Team (RFSLHBT) member have been nabbed by European authorities. At least from what I have heard. It would be interesting to know how their lives panned out…

    Maf: 😆 How the Germans would react to a visa application by the Really Real SL Hand Ball Team (RRSLHBT) is beyond my imaginative capabilities. Your point about the grass is greener is so true. I think the electric fence makes it seem greener 😉

    notsomeasshole: 😆 🙂


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