Are you an OFFP? Contribute to the Official Friends and Family Photographers’ Union survival guide

Sri Lanka Official Friends and Family Photographers’ Union (please do no pronounce the acronym) is looking for real life contributions on how to keep your sanity intact as the official photographer to you family and friends.

This comes in the wake of my previous post about becoming an official photographer to friends and family (OFFP). I initially thought of putting together my own hard learned tips. But it seems I’m not alone in being an OFFP. There’s a lot more out there whose wisdom ought to be tapped. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of interesting stories that go along with them. Hence this call for contributions (a less high brow reason is that I’m also quite swamped by the demands of life to peck out anything lengthy or frequent – but you knew that already).

There are two ways of going about it

  1. Write your tips as a post in your own blog and tell me about it (a link to this post would be nice)
  2. Just drop your ideas/stories into the comment box below and I’ll do the grunt work in collating them (won’t happen in a hurry).

Either way I think a communal brain storm of surviving as an OFFP amongst Sri Lanka will benefit all OFFPs. Contributing your tips will also make you an automatic member of the Sri Lanka Official Friends and Family Photographers’ Union.

Be generous and share you wisdom. You’ll be blessed with good karma and might pick up a tip that will save you some hair.



  1. Since all equipment are digital, you don’t have to go thro’ heart attacks when the film is processed. Just take multiple snaps so there is a high probabilty that one of them turning out to be a good one. You have to be careful about below to avoid the embarrassment. – i.e. Adequate battery power and enough space in the memory card.


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