wordpress.com should stop putting out new themes

wordpress.com has been putting out a lot of new themes lately and it has made life difficult. The array of choices are dazzling and distracting. The few dust particles of time I have to blog has been spent sniffing around the latest offerings. Picking one got harder and harder. Now its just impossible.

I like my current Vigilance theme and so far I’ve managed to stick with it. Its nicely minimal, has lots of feature and no bandwidth hogging graphics. So do some of the newest temptations. Currently the top two contenders are Neutra and Enterprise. Both are clean, content focused and minimalist.

The problem with these two and my current theme is that picking one has become impossible. I could juggle the option each offers and achieve a similar result. Then there will be the “look at my new theme” post. Given the low output on the blog lately I think this option would be supreme cop out.

So I’ve decided not to change anything for a while. The look but not touch approach. While wordpress.com gyrates out even more temptations. Annoying but it gives something to blog about in a hurry 🙂


5 thoughts on “wordpress.com should stop putting out new themes

  1. In addition to new themes, I see they have enforced big ugly colourful google ads.


    I like this theme. I prefer reading black text on white background. And I *think* most people prefer that way.


  2. Ana: Interesting – I have javascript turned off most of the time so I’ve never seen these ads. But if wordpress.com makes some $$$ to keep up their free service, all power to them 🙂

    kiri: Quite true. But no need to stir the pot of temptation 😉


  3. That’s so true… over the past five years the most significant contributions to my blog were updating the WordPress Core/plugins and changing the theme. There’s just so much choice and I end up agonizing on the best layout or colour theme instead of what I might blog about.

    Thanks for the link to Neutra though – if you’re not using it, I just might! 🙂


    1. You hit the nail on the head… there’s a point after which theme shuffling is no different than moving things around the desk instead of working – not that I’m suggesting that “work” == blogging 😉

      Hope the Neutra theme cools off the theme sniffing for a while. It is colourful while being minimalist which is a rare combo.


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