Drum roll

Things are building up to some sort of crescendo over at the drummer’s place. Mostly to do with the imminent (possibly post imminent by the time you read this) arrival of interesting house/flat guests. It seems like one of those odd events in life that are similar to some sort of job interview or getting sniffed at by the membership while seeking admission to an exclusive club. You can read the full story of the build up from the man himself.

Personally I think he’ll come out fine. Being a drummer and all that I’m sure he’ll improvise so smoothly in the face of the unexpected that no one will notice there was anything to be worried about.

Whatever happens his next few posts will be a chuckling good read as ever. More than I can say for the rather dull goings on over here. Just to be safe, head over and wish him luck (in the utterly unlikely event that he has to break glass to activate luck).


3 thoughts on “Drum roll

  1. Thank you Cerno, it’s 9.20 PM here on Tuesday night and I’ve just unpacked more bags of shopping than I thought possible, loaded up the fridge and done some serious polishing and cleaning. I’m ready, well as ready as I can be, and now I wait.


  2. RD: Waiting is the hardest part but you are preped as anyone can be 🙂 Think it will turn out well.

    Kiri: 😆 never thought about it that way… 🙂


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