Google Earth Sri Lanka posts: 1000+ days later

According to my trusty day counter its been well over a 1000 days since I started my rather eccentric “tradition” of posting Google Earth images of Sri Lanka. For the big picture, there’s the recently updated archive page. According to a poll I “conducted” a while back, a majority of respondents thought favourably of the whole Google Earth thing.

Of course the war gave plenty of opportunity to give add importance to patches of dry zone shrub jungle. The Iranamadu airstrip post which followed in the wake of the terrorist air attacks on Colombo got quite a bit of attention. So did the post about Thoppigala which earned my arm chair warlord credential (which I did have an arm chair) :).

Oddly enough my favourite ones are the seemingly irrelevant ones. Such as the Pillar of the Establishment post (pun unintended). The post about the military like boat spotted off the Jaffna coast stirred up my geeky curiosity. But enough about what I think.

Do you have any favourite Google Earth posts? Better your have you put up one on your blog?

6 thoughts on “Google Earth Sri Lanka posts: 1000+ days later

    1. Eh? How did you come that conclusion?

      10,ooo days is roughly 27 years, and currently the global av. for life expectency is around 65-68 years, for Sri Lanka 71 years.

      So are you taking the age of the average adult in Sri Lanka to be about 45 years for him/her to only have 27 years left? Which is still wrong as the median age in Sri Lanka is 30!


  1. Oooh, I’m going to have a run through that archive page! Congratulations on the 1000+ days Cerno! 🙂

    On a completely different topic: Has the theme been updated? I like the new comment style! 🙂


  2. Thank you guys 🙂 Like rust and silt my Google Earth post collection grew over time 😀 1000 is a handy number with enough vague symbolism to stand out (as kolu has shown and chamira has dissected) .


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