Lately in the Sri Lankan blogosphere…

I don’t have a clue about what’s going on in the Sri Lankan blogosphere.

Since the war and the elections are over things seem to have cooled down quite a bit. One of the privileges of peace is the absence of such text based artillery duels and the accompany froth of rage. Almost in parallel, the my off-line life has swept me away from the online world. Some might say that’s a good thing. It would be if it weren’t for the voices in my heard who want me to type all sorts of silly things. However other priories prevent me from doing much blogging. I barely have the minutes to read other blogs let alone type in mine. The result is a weird form of mental constipation and a feeling from cut off.

One answer is a humanised blog aggregation service. The drummer has over the centuries been setting the standard for this sort of report on a slice of the Sri Lankan blogosphere. Annoyingly he has been distracted from his public duties. Due to understandable demands of life of course. So I’m left with a fast scroll through the cold offerings of an RSS feed during a sneaky 5 min “blog break” at work.

Vut tu du no?

Have a happy weekend (its here at last!).


4 thoughts on “Lately in the Sri Lankan blogosphere…

  1. Me-shak: Thank you 🙂 though from the looks of it a “proper” 5 min break hasn’t left me with the energy to pack the keys in a long while.

    RD: Looking fwd to it.


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