Pidurangla Panorama

The panorama in this post is made up of a sequence of photographs taken on a visit to the ancient Pidurangla monastery/temple a while ago.

Click on the image to view a larger image

Pidurangla Panorama

The location is approximately in front of the reclining Buddha statue at the upper levels of the monastery complex. I have marked it on Google Earth via the Panoramio site. It is as far up the mountain as Mrs C and I got. The climb to the very top of the mountain (with its stunning views of Sigiriya) was too much for Mrs C’s fear of heights. The afternoon sun certainly didn’t provide much encouragement.

Thankfully there are better images of those views elsewhere. Due to my clumsy incompetence with film cameras the image in this post doesn’t do justice to the view.

If I had the time I’d write something longer. Even if I did it wouldn’t add much. There are plenty of write ups about Pidurangala. Zeylancia’s Pidurangala – Ancient Rock Buddhist Monastery of Sigiriya is quick easy read for those looking for an overview. The temple itself has a website:


6 thoughts on “Pidurangla Panorama

  1. Like KP said thank you for the info and links! Did not even know such place existed.
    Yes next time select either early morning or evening to climb, good that you did not climb further. Your image does make a difference. The digital cameras may make better panoramas but it is lovely to see the excellent stitching job you have done. The wide angle shots blend in nicely.


  2. Chavie:Thank you 🙂 I no longer do – the above image was stitched together from a trip I did when I still used film.

    N: Hope you got some pictures

    magerata: Thank you 😀 The whole trip was very spur of the moment and some people (who I will not mention) 😉 wanted to sleep in…

    Interesting though the picture were from a film camera I stitched them together with a application made to work with digital cameras 🙂


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