Junk email from relatives and elders

My mother and her friends (those aunties of road trips long ago) discovered email a few years back. This combined with retirement has resulted in regular waves of forwarded emails that are essentially junk mail. Invariably chain emails with the familiar Fwd: Fwd in the subject line. The topics are mostly sensationalist urban myths which can be easily clarified with a quick google.

There thankfully less frequent type of junk mail from family are annoying power point presentations or selections of images in some sort of “inspirational” theme. Shots of Moscow, street are drawings, NASA photos of Mars, animal :mother and child” slide shows with sentimental music. These usually mean hefty attachments that take forever to download. It has even caused me to switch to a web based email client. The worst part is that I periodically tend to get the same stuff after a few months.

I could be sneaking and set up a filter to block these emails. However blocking emails from my mother is as silly as invading Russia. Feelings will get hurt (she thinks these emails are vital to my safety and well being). There will be verbal fireworks that will putter on inconclusively into quick sands of misunderstanding. Parents (particularly mothers) and the finer points of email etiquette are not what I want to tangle with.

So Vut tu do? My Sri Lankan instincts makes it very difficult to tell off elders that they are doing something annoying. It feels like I’m being disrespectful. Uppity even. I used to let it go with a shrug. Lately it’s starting to grate. Perhaps I could polite direct my mother in particular to sites like breakthechain.org.

Any suggestions ?


4 thoughts on “Junk email from relatives and elders

  1. I have an uncle who spams my facebook wall with a hundred hiii s and how are u’s and annoying messaged like every two hours!


  2. These little things give them a lot of pleasure so just bear it. It can be annoying I know, as I often get them from my mother but I just delete it without even bothering to read it and in case she brings it up later, I simply say “thanks for the lovely inspirational email ammi”. It certainly makes her day. 🙂 No point hurting them I think.


  3. I’m also in the same club. I think the best option is web based email client. So you can just see the caption n move to the next email without dwnloading.

    Directing her to breakthechain.org is not a bad option as this one may be too much. 🙂


  4. Santhoshi: Sounds quite painful 😐 Hope he wises up!

    That’s pretty much what I’m looking at. Lately I’ve sent links to calm down some of her more hysterical forwards. A few links dicecting haox emails on sites’ like http://www.snopes.com, http://www.factcheck.org, and urbanlegends.about.com does the trick.

    Yes I’ve had to resort to webmail 😦 Its the most effective of dealing with the “problem”


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