Change of editorial ownership

This blog is now the official media outlet for the Association of Voices in Cerno’s Head (AVCH). It is a result of the AVCH seizing a 50.1% of the editorial control of this blog in a palace coup. The action was approved unanimously at their AGM. In typical AVCH fashion these decisions we passed behind closed neurones. I’ve been told a motion to consult me was put forth just so they could have a good cackle at the idea. Shocking no?

Actually no. Its an inevitable result of friction between the inner and outer worlds. As the shit that’s at the intersection of both, I still get to have a say about when I decide to peck the keys to “outlets” AVCH dictated blog topics. In return for this hallowed concession, I must grovel before the editorial whims my new blog masters.

Given my time stressed circumstances this is a realistic compromise. The key brokers of this deal were Reasonable Sounding Voice, Clam Voice Who Strums a Star Under a Mango Tree After Lunch, and Solemn Deep Voice With Minor Echo (who has been quite vocal before).

Knowing the inclinations of the AVCH, I doubt there will be radical editorial changes. There’s a good chance of an added oddness to the flavour of this blog which will be hardly noticeable. If you stick around I’m sure you’ll find out. Needless to say, I’m o.k.


6 thoughts on “Change of editorial ownership

      1. You may be putting pressure on yourself to perform for your audience. Thinking of if it would make a good post as life happens rather than just living.
        Go for quality not quanity, those who are intrested will always be around.


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