Handwriting on smart phones

Writing on a “smart-phone” is slow work. All the wonders of predictive text doesn’t make it seem any faster. I wish there was a phone that allowed for text entry with a stylus. Its a lightening fast input method that had its heyday in the early days of PDAs.

Admittedly, I am  outside the vast crowd of “normal” “smart-phone” users. I write on my mobile phone more than I text or make voice calls. These phone with their tiny key pads are for quick emails, text and tweets.  Not  meandering mind dumps that require tedious endless editing. I am essentially a nut case trying to use a device for something thing other than it was really designed for. It makes me miss my old PDA Attila.

It didn’t have many features. But the ones it did have I used to the full. Writing on it was faster than on paper. After wearing out 3 stylus driven PDAs I was master at digital jottings. That era ended when I could no longer justify lugging a PDA a mobile phone. When Attila’s screen started to wear out I had to bow to the brutal practicalities of life and get finger stabbing gadget. It seemed slower than writing on granite.

I was going to make this post some sort of useful historical perspective on the state of hand writing driven PDAs. Instead its devolved into a nostalgia soaked rant (of sorts). Vut tu du. I’ll marvel at the fact that I even had time to write this and stop.

If you know of a handwriting supporting phone let me know.


9 thoughts on “Handwriting on smart phones

  1. I am not very good at writing on anything, but this iPhone has got my fingers trained and I can type away in brisk phase, even taking notes at classes. I just commented on RD’s blog about this iPad I am totting around. Looks like finally I can make my handwriting better. If you do more writing than other things on your phone, iPad might be the way for you. Yes, it cam make calls, (make sure you get the 3G version).


  2. Remember seeing a blog/website ages ago where each post was a JPG scan of a notebook page with the post handwritten, crossings out and doodles &etc. It was charming.

    Might be worth trying out once in a while, whatever you jot down on scraps of paper, bus tickets & etc.

    Stay creative, don’t let the technology get you down!


  3. Pericles and Me-shak: Thank you for the suggestions πŸ˜€ A new phone is off the budget just now but those brands will be good to watch.

    magerata: I think you might be far ahead gadget wise than I will ever be πŸ™‚ I got so used to the speed of the old Palm OS Graffiti input method that I still haven’t been able to switch over.

    Chamira: You must mean hand written blogs πŸ˜€ I did do one post like that but I wouldn’t want to inflict my scrawl on other more than once πŸ˜‰


  4. You see, I was right!

    And what about the occassional ‘podcast’ your ramblings recorded with all the street sounds &etc.

    What I notice the most about calling people in SL is the general noises in the background, birds, horns & etc. It’s very evocative.

    I suppose it’s to do with houses being more open & airy letting sounds in to the house. When I call my friends in Germany or even other parts of this hateful & hated city I hardly hear anything in the background.


    1. Thank you for the head’s up. I’ll keep an eye on this one. Hopefully Graffiti would still be stabilised by the time I think of getting a new phone. Most likely in about 3-4 years from now πŸ˜€


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