Recent Colombo flood damage: helicopter view

Aerial photographs of Colombo’s flood damage are on the Sri Lanka Air Force website. These are the result of flood damage assessment flights carried out by the SLAF. Some parts of the city looks like spilt milk tea.

My parent’s place took a dip of sorts. Thankfully they were away. In typical fashion their neighbours stepped in and saved the day. Keeps reminding me of the floods back in the early 1990s.

Elsewhere other relatives were getting lifts from the Navy (What to do no? ). The consensus is that material stuff can be repaired, replaced or done without. Treasures like the pictures of grand children are safe on the walls. The important things in life besides life itself isn’t affected by canal water. Indi has a few snaps from ground level.

Hope not everyone got wet and those who did are on the way to getting dry.


6 thoughts on “Recent Colombo flood damage: helicopter view

  1. I remember floods in 1992 (Think it was in June). We had great fun as schoolboys.
    Then in 2007 May I had terrible time! I barely escaped of stalling my car engine from floods and then drove out of Colombo at rush hour, took nearly 5 hours to pass Kadawatha.
    This time I travelled by bus to office so no trouble. But when I got home half a cube of sand I bought for a small wall repair was missing. Rainwater has taken the whole lot to the next door 🙂
    Anyway guess I’m luckier than many who had much bitter experiences of floods.


  2. These are the biggest floods I can recall, since I was a toddler when the ’92 floods happened. Glad that the rain stopped and everything is slowly getting back to normal. I guess even with the best drainage system, a downpour of 400mm is hard to cope with. And our drainage system is not even remotely perfect.


  3. Kiri: The big one in 1992 is barely in the memory. The only thing I can think of is drying out piles of our neighbour’s law books. Think I some how managed to escape the 2007 drenching.

    Chavie: Quite right about any drainage system being able to deal with 400mm. Didn’t think Colombo even had a drainage systems besides the canals and the “wet lands” (now condo lands I think 🙂


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