Sri Lankan Fighter Pilots Facebook page

Sri Lankan Fighter Pilots Facebook page has quite a few interesting pictures of behinds the scenes life in the SLAF. The most interesting photo for me is this pilot’s self portrait taken in the cockpit of of a K-8 Karakorum. The framing of the shot is iconic particularly given the situation when it was taken. Defence guru types will find the album showing the unloading of SLAF MiG 27s off an Ukranian Antenov interesting.

The site/facebook page also has a few videos (not all of them are on the SLAF). Of these check out “Rocking the skies of Colombo“. Its shot from the tail camera of I think a MiG 27 on a fly by over Galleface and Colombo Fort. Sort impressive and no fancy music. There’s also a video shot from inside of SLAF MiG 27 cockpit giving a pilots eye view of close formation flying. Its mostly going to interesting aviation buffs.

If this sort of stuff interests you click on over. Let me know if you spot similar sites.


9 thoughts on “Sri Lankan Fighter Pilots Facebook page

  1. Duuude, thanks for the pointer! 😀 I used to be fascinated by fighter jets and stuff when I was a kid. This page looks like a brilliant collection of a lot of resources on SLAF jets. 🙂


      1. Hopefully they’ll be performing for the 60th anniversary of the SLAF next year. 🙂 I still remember a jet almost flying into the Arpico at Nawinna back in ’01 when they were getting ready to celebrate their 50th anniversary. 😀


    1. Nah, I think the pilot was in perfect control, but it did give those of us watching quite a scare! 😀 He was coming down and towards us and then did an almost 180 degree turn. 🙂


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