Death threat poster that works

I snapped this photo of a poster with a death threat while going though an old Colombo short cut. Its inclusively in three languages. The cause of these threats is the dumping of garbage on vacant property or public places. It tends to happen a lot on small private roads. When I used to take this short cut to work some years back, this particular stretch of wall was the backdrop of a stinking mound of garbage/trash. Now there isn’t a single stinking fly swirled polythene bag in sight. I’m not fan of death threats but must reluctantly admit that in this case, the method seems to be working.

The death threat seems to be only in the English version (not sure if death mentioned in the Tamil version). The Sinhala version makes a reference to a phrase that can be crudely translated as “7 strikes of lightening” (Hena hathak) which I’m sure is quite fatal 😉

Seem anything this extreme in your neck of the woods?

8 thoughts on “Death threat poster that works

  1. Oh gosh, that’s a little extreme though, isn’t it? Never seen anything like it. At first glance I laughed and then felt rather frightened 😛


  2. In English it’s quite poetic or even Yoda-like in it’s syntax.

    I think this is the Subject-Object-Verb syntax from Sinahala translated directly to English. Anyway, it has created a controlled poetic anger that seems to have done the trick.

    The Sinhala is typically bawdy, and I love the උන්ට.

    It’s as if you are Sinhalese your punishment is more vengeful, again poetic, whereas if you’re English you will simply be killed in some unspecified way. I wonder what Tamil people be subjected to in this alleyway.

    And if are or can read all three, your doomed, doomed I tell you.


  3. I’ve seen a poster threatening garbage dumpers with ‘guti’. It went along the lines of “we’re ever vigilant about people who dump garbage here and we’re ready to beat them up” or something. 😀


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