Batticaloa floods – aerial photographs

The Sri Lanka air force website has aerial photos of the flooding in Batticaloa and Ampara. It looks bad. Heartening to know that at least some aid is being flown in. Indi has a post with some links to making donations.

7 thoughts on “Batticaloa floods – aerial photographs

  1. Thanks for this. Actually brought tears to my eyes. I can’t imagine what they have been through over there. War, tsunami, now this.


    1. Didn’t think that my quickie 3 line post had an impact! I only hope that the people who need the supplies are getting them. The SLAF has only about 10 helicopters that are designed for a lot of cargo. The rest might will carry quite a bit less. At least they are getting the humans out of the water.


  2. It DID have an impact actually. It made me write something in fact – will be posted on Groundviews soon hopefully with a link back 🙂


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