Superman bus art

I don’t usually risk photographing (fumbling for which a phone camera) bus art while driving. However the bus featured below felt worth the calculated risk (I was at a red light). Like the fantasy bus highlighted in a previous post, this one’s back art featuring superman is a refreshing departure from the usual photo montage and stencil based themes.

Superman Bus vehicle graphic, Colombo Sri Lanka
The title artwork

The colour scheme on the side art is restrained (by Sri Lankan vehicle graphic standards) yet cheerfully flamboyant. The iconography makes broad (perhaps unintentional) references to medieval Kandian motifs. I particularly like the integration of the colours with the logo artwork.

Abstract motif  motif vehicle graphic Sri Lanka
Design on the side

The bus also has a set of “paintings” on panels towards the front with unrelated content. The driver’s door panel carries the most colourful Painting detecting a vaguely European landscape. The subject matter seems more Cezanne in Van Gogh colours.

Landscape painting on the side of a bus
Painting on the driver's door

Overall a nice piece of Sri Lankan bus graphics. Aficionados might recognise this as a fine early work from the middle period of the late Borukatha school.


3 thoughts on “Superman bus art

  1. Ah the late Borukatha school, such a refined age! 😉

    I think that’s the first time I’ve seen Superman on a bus, though I vaguely remember seeing Spiderman on either buses or trishaws a long time ago. 😀


    1. :l0l: you got point about the lack of marvel comic figures in bus art. Maybe its a start of a new trend. I’m sure Marvel Comics will not like the idea 🙂


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