Four years of blogging (1462 days later)

Right after the anniversary of our Independence Day comes another. This blog is four today.
Anniversaries, like new year’s days are generally Janus moments. We being liners perceivers of time, we tend to look backwards and forwards. A few like Chavie points out some fundamental facts about the here and now.

The fourth year of a personal blog doesn’t contain much to warrant for profoundness. I seem to be regarded as some sort of authority on radar building, Google Earth stuff on Sri Lanka, and perhaps Sri Lankan vehicle graphics. All of which are purely unintentional consequences of doing what the voices in my head tell me (as if I have a choice). However it continues to be fun and the voices are letting me be. Which is a relief since this is another bout of days where I barely have a moment to check email — let alone login to the blog and clear the spam filter.

Such pauses makes me wonder which stage of blogging I’m at right now. In a way I don’t care. There’s plenty of posts waiting to be written. When (not if) I get the time. I do feel a tug towards the imaginary (your DFP correspondent will be quite active I think). I will of course try to ground myself with some satellite geography.

I don’t want to turn this post into another meander about “what I’ve learned from 4 years of blogging”. I enjoy pecking out the words coagulating in the head. I’m quite humbled, honoured and amazed (I do mean it) that anyone actually bothers to read this blog. An act of endurance given my lack of proof reading, jerky style (this post is an example) and many other ailments.

To all of you: a big thank you for reading. 🙂

In keeping with tradition here’s the link to my first ever blog post. Time to show yours 😀


11 thoughts on “Four years of blogging (1462 days later)

  1. Happy Blogoversary Cerno! And Kirigalpoththa too, I forgot yours! #failure 😐

    Love your ‘stages of blogging’ post… I think about it sometimes. 😀 You know, not caring which stage you’re in is, I guess, another stage in itself. 😉

    May your 5th year be fruitful and a good outlet for the VICH! 😀

    P.S. Thanks for the mention! 😀


  2. Happy 4 Years Cerno. You remain one of the Gods of the Lankanosphere. Long may you reign! Not that Gods reign of course, that’s Kings. And Queens.


  3. Kirigalpoththa : Thank you 😀 Its been just one post at a time all along 🙂 You’ll be surprised when you get there too. Happy Blogoversary!

    Angel: Thank you 😀

    Chavie: You are welcome 😀 it was a good read of a post. And a good point about the stage of blogging thing.

    Dominic: Thank you 🙂

    RD: 😆 Thank you. I never thought of myself in even vaguely divine terms. Or a ruler of anything. At the most I’m just another blogger in the three wheeler universe of the Lankanosphere 😀


  4. Anandawardhana: Thank you 🙂 You’ll be hitting a 4 in a few week yourself!

    Gutterflower: Thank you 🙂 I wondered what happened to your blog – looks like it went through a name change. Good to see you back though.


  5. Cerno, like they say in this part of the world where I am today: “Alf Mabrook..!” (a thousand congratulations!) Keep up the good work.

    I shall be showing mine in 9 days time… 😀


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