An inauspicious start?

So much for a start in the 4th year of blogging. Nothing for 2 weeks. During that time I hardly got around to logging in to clean out the spam filter. Such is the nature of the daily grind. It one thing after the next. All planned and package ruthlessly into my allocation of the daily 24 hours.

There is “free” time of course. Most of that ends up slumped in the couch next to Mrs C staring unseeing at the idiot box. Miraculously I’ve managed to read a few pages off a book.

What worries me is that the words are filling up inside the head and I have no time to defecate them. The swirl of words is distracting. I keep re-editing random sentences in the shower. Thankfully not while driving or at work – the only place I can keep out the words.

Right now I can take it but its starting to feel a bit well congested in my head. Perhaps writing this is a sort of clarifying sneeze. Momentarily does the trick but not for long.

Such is life. I’ll find the time. Eventually. Till then screw the auspiciousness and the astrology. Only the coffee grounds will tell the truth.

(Suppress cackle)


3 thoughts on “An inauspicious start?

  1. Well you are better off than some of us. You have ideas but no time to write, some have no ideas to write about, or at least, ideas that they can write about with some confidence…


  2. I think the blogosphere will like to have a word with your employer, to have him give you some time off to clean out the buffers. 😀


  3. Jack Point: 🙂 I think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence principle applies. My problem is that lately I’ve been spacing out over dinner because I’m editing sentences in my head which gets on Mrs. C’s nerves. The only time I’m free of that is when I’m at work.

    Chavie: 😀 thank you for the nice thought! That would blow my cover!


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