This blog is NOT dead

Three weeks without a post demands a sign of life post. Ironically the only reason I’m able to have the time to write this is because I’m home with a cold. On to the excuses:

We all get only 86400 seconds in a day. The demands of life of late has elbowed out time for blogging. Yet the hope for a handful of minutes live on. When I do get them like this I’m reduced to a pathetic affirmation post that I’m not at the last stage of blogging.

At least I’m pecking out a few sentences here and there on the phone. Often during the morning deification. Such are the depths to which I have fallen. Vut tu du, kno?


2 thoughts on “This blog is NOT dead

  1. Well think about it this way, us blog readers have an equally small amount of time to read all these blogs. I mean, if you were churning them out everyday we could hardly keep up!


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