April New Year grumble from a civilian casualty

Yes yes its “hot and humid” in Colombo. It seems the recent bitter Colombo winter has made people forget that we are located a few degrees north of the equator. I’m trying not to be grumpy so I’m preventing the sarcasm from leaking out into the third sentence and beyond. After all its the new year holidays and I’m on leave. Its supposed to be a time of chilling out with the extended brood, setting off minor explosives, gift giving and pigging out. This time around its more like being trapped in a war zone.

Two parts of the family are engaged in sporadic sniping using artillery. You never know when the shrapnel will start to fly. As the donkey who has to be peace envoy I naturally get shot at by both sides. Its the only thing they seem to have in common. There’s no used trying to communicate one side’s view to another. I just become a proxy target for another salvo of complaints.

Detached third parties me feel that I should give some rousing funk-you-all speech and make a chair over turning exit. But I’m not like that. I lack the shouting gene. I feel I’m trying to lay telegraph cable to connect very different yet equally harsh emotional terrains. So far I seem to be failing and its not a good feeling. Venting about people who complain about the weather might seem like a good outlet. Yet in the end its about as good as taking panadol for a brain tumor.

I have a wild hope that some how the rituals of the new year festivities will result in a extended ceasefire. That’s how desperate it feels. None the less hope you all have a happy, PEACE-FULL and safe new year.


4 thoughts on “April New Year grumble from a civilian casualty

  1. No point becoming an unwanted peace emissary, you will just become target practice for both sides.

    At the most you can obliquely try and put the other sides point of view across but otherwise it is not of much use.

    Why are they all in one place? Just visiting family? You only need put up with the situ until they leave.


  2. Jack: Geographically everyone is scattered so I get the shelling – or used to – when I met them individually. Not any more. I’m pissed off enough that I’m communicating through action rather than words. I think its working already ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you for the support ๐Ÿ˜€ it DOES help.

    Green Tea: Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy new year to you as well. May you keep on pouring your wonderful word brew for many new years to come.

    Chavie : I’m tired of bunkers. I’m going for a cloud of B52s!


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